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   Chapter 523 Prepared For The Riot (Part One)

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As the sea started to quiet down and the whole place grew dead silence, even the faintest chirp of the crickets could be heard with the gentle frissons of the air. Though the enemy had been defeated, a warrior was also beaten with his life baited on the line. Whether he would be spared or not, a fate only knew. His fellow warrior, a close friend, and a true brother, Darren, had a desolate expression on his face while he carried Scott's bloodshed body in his arms. He flew him back to the Western Desert Island.

"Are you all right, Darren?" greeted one of the masters of the Shaoyan Clan the moment he approached Darren at midair.

Once Darren's presence was sensed around the island, some of the masters of the Shaoyan Clan flew over to meet them. The masters, too, had blood all over their bodies.

Clearly, while Scott, Darren and others were fighting with the purple mutant, those masters were killing the rest of three-star mutants left on the island.

"I am fine. Don't worry. The purple mutant was killed. But my big brother here is severely injured. Sirs, please help me to save him."

Being carried in Darren's arms, Scott's body had transformed back into its human form. He looked ragged, and there were wounds all over his body. Worst was, there were a few terrifying cracks on his skull.

"Let's all work together to save the Holy Lord."

At their descent, Darren put Scott on the ground and laid him comfortably, preparing him to have his wounds healed. Momentarily, all the grand warriors whose cultivation base was beyond the three-star level gathered around and transferred their spiritual energy to cure Scott.

In a whole day, with the cultivators' continuous efforts in reviving and healing him, Scott's body had been healed.

After everything that he had endured in his fight with the purple mutant, Scott was still fortunate. For without the aura of the dragon blood which protected and increased his body strength, Scott would be torn to shreds in no time.

The rest of the masters in Shaoyan Clan expressed their gratitude to those who had come to help them, especially when the

tt might need some help along his way.

"There is no need for that, Darren. My clan is so particular that I am afraid you are not permitted to go in. Why don't you just make out most of your time and cultivate hard? Try to be a seven-star grand warrior as early as possible. When I am fully recovered, I will go and try the ultimate inheritance of my clan. If I were to obtain a tiny bit of inheritance from the dragon soul, I would become powerful enough to deal with those stronger mutants," Scott retorted back.

"Okay. I guess that's the best thing to do for now. Take care then, Scott." Darren bade him farewell.

"Take care, Holy Lord," bade one of the masters.

"See you later, Holy Lord," another master called out.

While others were still saying goodbye to him, Scott flew high into the sky, heading to the sea of the far west.

A few days after Scott had left, Darren and the masters had a get-together and feasted in merry-making. A couple of days passed before the human warriors went back to their places. They had to do so, for they needed to inform their clans about what had happened. Furthermore, they needed to know that the space passage had been sealed. The human warriors deemed that the earlier they got their clans informed, the more prepared would they get. At the same time, they could come up with a better solution or plan on how to deal with the threats of the mutants.

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