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   Chapter 522 The Purple Mutant Is Finally Killed

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"This is the true inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan!"

The purple mutant's mouth fell open. His shock lasted all of a moment as he bared his fangs and snarled in defiance.

With a resounding boom, Scott blasted forward.

In a wavy movement, his dragon body shot toward the purple mutant. Before the purple mutant could move, Scott slammed into him.

The purple and cyan figures wrestled. Snarling and roaring, they snapped, clawed, spewed fire, and spiritual energy at each other. Winds whipped. Clouds swirled. Lightning crackled across the sky, the resounding boom of thunder joining it. The battle seemed as if it would tear the world apart.

Rays of brilliant light cascaded upon the area. The spectators threw up their hands to protect their eyes against the luminance. They cowered before the power on display.

The ocean beneath the battle churned and spun, forming a great maelstrom. The water boiled. Countless creatures died, their flesh melted by the vast energy.

"Can you believe it?" a person in the crowd exclaimed. "The Holy Lord of the Dragon Holy Land is so powerful that his dragon incarnation can fight the purple mutant!"

"Yeah, it's reasonable to believe Holy Lord Scott could be the most powerful Holy Lord since the beginning of the Holy Lands!" another person said.

The crowd watched the fight in awe. From one to another they voiced their amazement.

The light intensified until it completely obscured the battlefield. Not even spiritual sense could penetrate the area.

An explosion rocked the air.

Shock waves rippled across the area. The force of them felt as if they would wash away anything for miles.

Darren was the first one who flew towards the fighting area. He waited quietly for a while until the light dissipated. Then, he saw a severely bruised cyan dragon standing proudly. The purple mutant had exploded into seven or eight pieces.

"Scott, you won?"

Grinning, Darren rushed toward the dragon.

Scott threw back his head and roared. He glared in Darren's direction.

Undeterred, Darren continued forward. Scott whipped his tail toward Darren, causing him to leap back.

'What's going on?' Darren wondered. Then his brows rose as understanding dawned.

A wave of tremendous auras gushed from the bits of the mutant's body. The pieces shot into the air, gathered together, and began to reform.

In seconds, a perfect purple mutant was standing in front of the cyan dragon again.

"How is that possible?" exclaimed people in the crowd.

"Is he actually immortal?"

Clamoring and shouting, the people tried to make sense of the events.

"Hmm! You are very interesting. I never expected that you could break my body apart. But do you understand now that you can't kill me?" the purple mutant said in an indifferent tone.

"You are nothing but a spent arrow now." Scott's voice was hoarse and cold.

"Humph!" the mutant snarled. "Who the hell is the spent arrow? The power of my single finger is enough to kill you now!" Grimacing, the purple mutant regarded Scott with contempt in his eyes.

His confidence seemed justified. Judging from Scott's appearance and labored breathing, Scott was indeed extremely weak now. His

struck out at Darren. His rotten palms closed in for the kill. If he was to die, he would take one of them with him.


Before the palms touched Darren, the dragon shot past the giant palms, and placed himself before the attack.

"Scott!" Darren cried out in fear.

The power of the palms had cracked open Scott's dragon head.

"I'll kill you!" Darren roared. His eyes grew blood-shot.

Taking advantage of Scott's sacrifice, Darren launched countless sword and blade attacks strengthened by the olive-black force. The attacks rippled out and into the purple mutant.

"Kill, kill, kill!" came the furious roars from the three-star grand warriors who had been watching from far away. They knew they couldn't just stand by anymore.

As one, they launched themselves into the fray. They besieged the purple mutant and released the maximum power of their domains against him.

Struggling against death, the purple mutant tried to counter. He frantically launched attacks against the three-star grand warriors, and even the three strong rule cultivators, including Horace, were almost hit by him and dropped.

But as he was now struggling with his last gasp of breath, he could not avoid Darren's formidable attacks.


Darren's Unbeatable Sword Skill finally stabbed into the heart of the purple mutant. Not willing to risk the purple mutant again returning to life, Darren used his sword and blade ability. He smashed the mutant's head into hundreds of pieces.

"Assimilate!" Darren snapped at once.

The next second, he assimilated the talent of the purple mutant. His own ability increased greatly.

Without a thought to his current power, Darren zipped down toward Scott, whose dragon body was plummeting from the sky.

"We won!

We finally won the battle!" the rest of the human grand warriors yelled.

They cried out in disbelief as the four-star and five-star mutants all had been killed.

But even as they celebrated, they also knew none of it would be possible without Scott. He was their backbone. Without him, they would be dead. Concerned for him, they hurried toward Darren and Scott.

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