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   Chapter 521 Transform Into A Dragon (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5764

Updated: 2020-01-18 00:02

There was no way for Scott to escape from that, so Scott threw thousands of fierce hits on the palm. The aura of the cyan dragon accompanied each run.


The earth trembled, the mountains swayed, and the sea below exploded apart. The seafloor was now visible, leaving several black cracks and scattered chunks of boulders.

All these mess and mayhems were caused by the dominant exchange of blitzes of the cyan-dragon auras and the purple mutant's red arm.

To Scott's surprise, the strength of the red palm was weakened by those auras. But despite that, its power was still equal to that of a five-star grand warrior.

Overwhelmed by such ravages, Scott was thrown hard down to the bottom of the sea by the big palm, leaving a deep hole behind.

The force of the palm's blow was so strong and dominating, devastating even!

The grand warriors who used their spiritual sense to watch the combat from faraway felt their hearts were seized by a forceful hand. They wondered badly if Scott survived that lethal blow.

Darren was the one who worried about Scott the most. He felt if he were in his shoes, and he was the one who got hit by that palm, he could have been dead by now. The power of a five-star mutant was much stronger than what he had presumed.

"Haha. You are nothing but a loser,"

the purple mutant stood in the air, laughing out wildly while mocking Scott from above.


Bewildered by the unusual sound, the purple mutant lingered around, determined to locate where the sound was coming from. Soon, he noticed that the earth started to shake. With his eyes focused on the spot where Scott had fallen, a vivid dragon roar was heard from the sea.

"Haven't you been dead yet?"

You just forced yourself, which turns out to be in vain. Now I wouldn't waste any energy or time anymore. I'll just kill you right away!"

the purple mutant retorted towards Scott, the dragon calmly.


Hearing the mocking scorn from the purple mutant, Scott sent out a big shout. After which, his body again was split into one hundred and eight avatars in just one breath. Then, within a second, those avatars merged into one again.


Darren cried out worriedly. He knew very well that the price of activating the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan to unite the avatars was the burning of his soul.

Everyone from the Dragon Blood Clan had to pay such price except for Darren.

But Darren himself did not need to burn much when he activated the skill. He didn't know the exact reason why he didn't have to pay that price. He attributed that to the fact that he kept the human shape rather than transformed into a dragon.

Yet, at that very moment, the whole world was frozen by the aura of dragon blood.

"What has he done?!"

The purple mutant started to panic seeing the threat of what Scott had done.

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