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   Chapter 520 Transform Into A Dragon (Part One)

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After the massive explosion, the purple mutant reappeared in the air and managed to stable himself immediately while Scott was pushed several steps back before regaining his balance.

"Well, not bad. I am impressed that you could follow my shadow," the purple mutant commended Scott's capabilities while licking his lips.

In fact, the purple mutant was a little surprised by Scott. The Holy Lord had exceeded his expectation, and the mere fact that he was able to survive his attacks challenged the purple mutant even more. The mutant, though, could sense that Scott, the guy from the Dragon Blood Clan, was not strong enough to handle the last attack he had inflicted upon him. Yet, the purple mutant was disappointed for he didn't benefit from that hit, nor could he harm Scott at all.

"The damned purple mutant is powerful! He was not an easy one to handle," uttered Scott in astonishment. Both the purple mutant and Scott were on the same boat, for Scott was shocked by the purple mutant's powers as well. He had taken out both the legendary martial skill and the aura of dragon blood to attack the mutant. But those attacks just forced the mutant to show himself up from being concealed without imposing any real harm. The attacks even didn't make him step back.

It was widely known that the aura of dragon blood had a strong suppression effect upon this sort of purple mutant. But from Scott's attack, it was evident that this one was much stronger than ordinary purple mutants, both on the body and the strength.


Darting his eyes towards the Holy Lord, Scott, the purple mutant paused a while. After a couple of seconds, he rushed toward Scott, intending to throw another hit.

Skills were not recommended in this kind of war. Instead, the origina

e of the warriors expressed his doubt.

Everyone was shocked by Scott's power to stay and suppress such an attack. That level of skill and power was every warrior's dream.

While those split arms were busy fighting with Scott's avatars, the real Scott burst out an enormous aura of dragon blood to fight with the purple mutant single-handedly.

"Damn it. The suppression effect of the aura of dragon blood on me is so strong that frequent attacks wouldn't harm him," the purple mutant cursed as he noticed that he still couldn't harm Scott a bit. No one was taking advantage in this battle, nor dare to leap at moving the balance towards their side. The purple mutant was annoyed by the situation. He wanted so much to defeat the Holy Lord of the Dragon Holy Land and escort him to his doom.

"Shit!" The purple mutant made out a loud shout immediately. The mutant's height increased and was stretched up more than one hundred feet, with the mutant's power increasing.


The speed of the giant purple mutant was not slowed down; on the contrary, it became faster, despite his current size. The enormous palm hit Scott from above, just like a hammer pounding on a nail.

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