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   Chapter 519 The Purple Mutant Came (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-17 02:22

"You are right. He is coming,"

Scott, who had been standing silently beside, said without any expression on his face. Yet, as he uttered the words, warning Darren and the rest of the warriors, a glum look was etched on his face.

A moment ago, the human warriors paid all their attention to the fight between Darren and the black mutants, neglecting Scott. The reason was that Scott could hide his aura very well, and the human warriors almost did not notice him at all.

"Are you the Holy Lord of the Dragon Holy Land, sir? Sorry, we haven't recognized you earlier as we were preoccupied with the battle.

Scott, nice to meet you," one of the cultivators asked and apologized to Scott.

Bearing the title of the Holy Lord was a pedestaled position, and all the human warriors cupped their hands towards Scott and showed their respect.

In response, Scott did not say anything else but nodded his head to greet the human warriors back.

"Scott, if you would help us fight against the purple mutant. What do you think are the possibilities that you can defeat him?" turning his head towards Scott this time, Darren asked.

"Who is that purple mutant?"

Most of the human warriors did not know that there existed a purple mutant; thus, they'd thrown the question to Darren.

"He is another mutant whose power is on par with a five-star grand warrior at the top level," Darren explained briefly while watching the eyes of each warrior widened in surprise and fear.

"If I fight against him, I am afraid there is only a slim chance, about thirty percent, for me to defeat him or it may be even impossible," with a scorn on his face, Scott made an assumption and replied.

"What? The Holy Lord of the Dragon Holy Land has a possibility of thirty percent to defeat a five-star mutant?"

Hearing Scott's reply, most of the human warriors were shocked, their hearts skipped a beat.

The purple mutant indeed

u are arrogant enough to trespass territories where you are not welcomed. I know some members of the Dragon Blood Clan are powerful! But I do not know who you are in the first place. I guess it would be right for me to feign that you are just one futile weakling."

Just finishing his sentences, the purple mutant started to attack Scott abruptly with a sharp whistle.

His purple body was reduced to nothing. The sea below them roared, and the air was disturbed with several powerful energy fluctuations. Such disturbances made the other human warriors' heart tighten and tremble.


Scott sneered while his body was still and steady. One of his palms stretched and pressed to the point where the purple mutant had been.

While everyone's attention was fixed at the attack that Scott made, a dragon's voice was heard all of a sudden. It was as if the dragon's cry originated from the highest sky. After a while, right then and there, a cyan dragon shadow was shot out swiftly, breaking through the clouds that hung low across the ether.


The cyan dragon shadow exploded in the air. The light of purple and cyan mixed and burst brightly, making the entire space bright and spectacular. The three-star human grand warriors all felt that their eyes were hurt.

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