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   Chapter 518 The Purple Mutant Came (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-17 02:22

Having power beyond extraordinary was by far the most significant possession a warrior could really be proud of—like a feather in one's hat. Right now, with that battle between Darren and the four black mutants, it would be one of the bizarre celebrated moments if Darren would be able to defeat the mutants. After all, they were as powerful as four-star grand warriors. Yet, by now, Darren had already taken down one of the four mutants, and he had three more to handle. At the fall of the first doomed mutant, all the human warriors at present were embezzled in awe and admiration for the stalwart warrior.

They had thought that Darren defeating one of the four mutants was his limitation. But now they saw with their own eyes that Darren continued fighting and killing the three remaining mutants in a relaxed tone. This made all the human warriors expect something more unusual from Darren and the mutants as well.

At this juncture, the other three black mutants rushed towards Darren and tried to kill him directly, wasting no time. Intending to neglect the olive-black force that Darren gave off, as they could sense the strength of the olive-black force was not as potent as the dark gold internal force that Darren had given off a while ago, the deceived mutants did not show any fear about it.

Flummoxed by the concealed potency of the olive-black force, the three black mutants did not realize they were wrong until the olive-black force completely immersed them with no point of retreat.

In a split second, considerable pain started to spread from their skin, went deeper into their flesh and then consumed their very bones.




All three powerful black mutants were in so much pain and began to cry in agony. Such excruciating pain tormented them up to the point that they could no longer bear the imbroglio.

"Go and die!"

Despite the toll, the three black mutants used their most potent attacking skills to boom off the olive-black waves and rushed out of

news. Amidst their bewilderment, Darren asked them to get themselves ready for whatever the situation might bring.

"Darren, I was told that you have a good relationship with several main disciples of our Heavenly Palace Sect. They have invited you more than one time, and you refused them each time. After you have settled everything you have to do in here, how about paying a visit to the Heavenly Palace Sect someday?" a cultivator from the Heavenly Palace Sect said to Darren with a smile. He had heard of Darren many times. Plus, the fact that Darren was from the southern land made all the human warriors from the southern land so happy and proud.

"Well, Darren, you are also a good friend of my nephew. So I sincerely invite you to go and spend some time in relaxation with me for a few days." Another human cultivator from the Chasm Clan also gave Darren his invitation as well.

"Well, thank you for all your warm invitations," replied Darren shortly. He was overwhelmed by the cultivators' show of appreciation towards him. After which, Darren gave the human warriors at present a grateful smile and said, "Sirs, let us deal with this case first and then talk about relaxations and good places in some other time. I guess the purple mutant has noticed what has happened here. He would certainly be here any minute from now."

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