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   Chapter 517 Fighting The Black Mutants Alone (Part Two)

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Similarly, the human grand warriors who had been watching the fight all the time now became extremely shocked. They were both astounded and dazzled at the four mutants who were now enraged with fury.

Prior to Darren, the grand warriors had the chance to face the four black mutants in battle. Each one of them used their most reliable skills, yet, the best that they had couldn't cause any harm to the mutants. Moreover, several two-star warriors among them were killed by the sneak attacks of the mutants. They were far less calm than Darren when they were fighting the mutants.

"This lad really surprised me a lot. When he was in the Heavenly Serene Graveyard, except for the small world he has, his combat power was at most equal to a one-star grand warrior. But after such a short period, he could even fight against four four-star mutants alone. His growth speed is just terrifying!" a senior elder among the crowd said first.

"Mr. Zhou, you might not know that just before we set off, I secretly checked Daren's cultivation base and found that his combat power was equivalent to that of the top level of a two-star grand warrior. In other words, his cultivation base has been improved a lot within just a few days here on this island!" Jacob added, his eyes full of appreciation and awe for all the hard work Darren had done to improve himself.

"What! Are you certain of that? Within just a few days? Huh, it's too shocking! Unbelievable even, Darren was indeed a remarkable warrior," many of the grand warriors exclaimed wildly, completely taken aback by what they had heard.

They found it hard to put into words to describe Darren's amazing talent. Not in their wildest imagination, they had known someone who had done what Darren had done, accelerating his cultivation base in a short period.

Meanwhile, Scott, who was just standing nearby, watched coldly, without talking to anyone.

"Darren, you are still not enough," Scott whispered and shook his head slightly.

Someone had to read between the lines to understand what Scott meant in his words. Did it mean that he didn't think highly of Darre

the punch, Darren was hit squarely in the body by the massive blow.

Consequently, his body was thrown away quickly, bursting the black bubbles around him, while blood was constantly spewing out of his mouth, and dozens of bones in his body were broken.

'Damn! The punch is just too formidable!' thought Darren. He was shocked and never had foreseen that such a punch almost got him killed.

After the black mutant who was stabbed in the heart by Darren's sword burst out such a grand launch, his eyes grew dim, and he collapsed to the ground abruptly.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" the other three black mutants yelled hysterically. When they saw the death of their companion, they became extremely violent and then launched deadly attacks against Darren without hesitation.

Amongst the crowd, Scott witnessed the whole scene. He didn't rush to help Darren but using his spiritual sense to ask lightly, "Darren, do you need my help?"

"No, thank you. I don't play with these mutants anymore. I'll kill the three beasts soon!" Darren responded at once. Taking hundreds of the best healing pills from his Space Ring, Darren immediately swallowed them, which would help him quickly recover from his injury.

A few moments later, Darren waved his blade and sword to summon his olive-black force. The next second, waves of olive-black force began to slash towards the three remaining mutants like a rushing river!

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