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   Chapter 516 Fighting The Black Mutants Alone (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-17 00:02

"Darren, you should take it seriously and be more cautious. These four mutants are very powerful, and their joint force broke even our Sky Piercing Array!" someone from the group of martial artists of the eastern land reminded the young warrior spontaneously.

All of them were worried sick for him because they had experienced the wrath brought by the power of the four mutants and they were not pleased with the experience.

"Sirs, please don't worry about me. I will be more vigilant as I know what I am going to face," Darren said with a confident smile. Then, under the watch of the crowd who were full of shock and concern, he turned into a vague shadow and rushed towards the four mutants at lightning speed.

"How can that young man become stronger in such a short time? His speed almost equaled mine," a three-star grand warrior with higher seniority blurted out. His eyes brightened up abruptly at the thought of Darren's advancement.


Taking his time, Darren was not in a hurry to release his olive-black force. Instead, he first busted out waves of dark gold internal force, and at the same time, he turned into a stream of light that continuously cut and pierced through the four powerful mutants.

"Humph! A low-down ant! I must say that I admire your courage in facing us. Four against one, you are truly a stalwart and nasty ant!" one of the four mutants roared as he looked down upon Darren.

In the meantime, their massive arms all launched attacks frantically to resist Darren's dark gold internal force.

If only Darren's dark gold internal force hadn't significantly been weakened by the owner of the big golden hand in the Raksa Sea, the four mutants couldn't have resisted such a force of an attack.

"Is that all you got?" one of the four mutants asked disdainfully after dodging the blow of Darren's attack.

At the battlefield, the four black mutants moved so swiftly and so quickly that most of the spectators were not able to have a glimpse of the four shadows that were moving back and forth. Only a few three-star grand warriors in the crowd were able to spot them and knew how the fight was g

not use the olive-black force. However, the most potent combat force that he had inflicted upon them had left only a few non-lethal wounds on the bodies of the four black mutants. The attack made by the four mutants had shaken Darren to his senses; he was not as calm as he was before. Their heaven-splitting bombarding force often had a high impact on him, making him lurch inside, and he had the nasty feeling that his internal organs were about to be broken into pieces.

Seeing the big palms were slamming towards him in all directions, Darren didn't dare to resist them by any chance. After all, his physical strength was limited. The moment the colossal palms hit him, he would be seriously injured if not killed. Thus, he did a quick search in his mind and then yelled, "Air-integrated True Rule!" After that, he just disappeared in situ.

"What? He just vanished out of the blue?" grasped one mutant. The next second, when the four black mutants realized that their target disappeared abruptly, they were startled.

Also, they were even more furious when they had contemplated that even the breath of their human enemy completely disappeared and couldn't be sensed at all.

"You bastard! Show up immediately!" all the four black mutants growled irritably.

Yet, Darren was still out of their sights. No sign of him in the battlefield, no aura, no movement, no scent, shadow, even no breath of him could be traced.

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