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   Chapter 515 The Four Four-star Mutants

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"Family inheritance?" asked Darren. After all the stories he'd heard about Scott, Darren was really wondering what kind of family inheritance would enable him to improve so much.

"Yes," Scott explained. "After reaching the Grand Realm, and especially after fighting with the two-star grand warrior, I was certain I'd grown strong enough, so I went to the family forbidden area. There, I received the inheritance of our clan.

Inside, I stepped into some kind of time turbulent flows, which allowed me to train at ten times my normal speed. After spending a whole year inside, I broke through to the level of a three-star grand warrior. That was why I had no idea of the danger you were in. If I had known, I would have come here sooner." Having said all this, Scott bowed his head in apology.

His friend, however, was in high spirits. "Hah! That's no problem at all. Everything's been taken care of already. I'm very glad that you were lucky enough to meet with such a great opportunity." In fact, Darren was beside himself with excitement.

Scott nodded at him, staying reserved as usual. "Your own skills have improved greatly as well. By now, I think you must be as powerful as a three-star grand warrior."

"Oh, yes. I can fight with a three-star grand warrior at the top level, and even with an ordinary four-star grand warrior." Darren felt no need to hide his real power from his friend.

"Excellent!" For the first time, Scott's eyes lit up. "Together, you and I can kill all the mutants who are plaguing the human race!"

"I'm afraid that won't be so easy. The five-star mutant here is not the most powerful one of them all. I heard them mention about a king. Their king seems to be much more powerful. We'll need to watch out for him. And there's something else I need to tell you, something I forgot before."

"What's that?"

Darren briefly explained about the space passage and how it had been sealed up.

Scott furrowed his brows as he listened. His face was looking grimmer every second.

"If that has happened, then the Bottom Spiritual World is on the very brink of disaster," he murmured.

There were more than a few brutes making trouble at the borders, including the black-scaled mutants, the double-headed men, and the demonic monsters. As for the mutants in the border of the southern land, however, Darren hadn't seen any of them. Still, these races had some truly fierce fighters among them. If all of them started to invade the Bottom Spiritual World together, the humans there would be in grave danger.

"Yes," said Darren. "That's why I'm trying to improve my skills as fast as I can, so I can join the fight against the mutants."

Having reached the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm, Darren was now facing a bottleneck unlike any before: he had to break through to the Grand Realm!

If he could achieve that, then afterward his strength would increase exponentially. But he didn't yet have enough Primitive Stones containing Heavenly Repression Rule in his Space Ring. Furthermore, once Darren tried to break through to the Grand Realm, he would have to fuse the sword intent and blade intent once again. That meant he would experience another round of suppression caused by the Conflicting Cultivation. It would perhaps be the greatest challenge of his life and he was very


Darren and Scott studied their fellow humans, noting their exhausted expressions and their weary stances. It was clear that they had already spent some time fighting for their lives. Beaten down and surrounded, they were in a tight place indeed.

From the looks of them, the four black mutants were nothing to sneeze at. They were probably at the level of four-star grand warriors, if not higher. The warriors from the eastern land had the power of the Sky Piercing Array, and with the help of Horace, Rocky and Nick, they should be able to handle two four-star mutants. Moreover, there were other, equally skilled warriors from the southern land. Even so, the human warriors were beaten by the four mutants.

"Where's your leader, the purple mutant?" Darren asked one of the mutants in an almost casual tone.

"Hah! Are you talking about that bastard, Dahl? He has no authority over us. Our leader is Quincy, and we're here to take charge of things. And as for you humans, we'll crush you like ants!"

Now Darren understood the situation completely. These four black mutants weren't under the purple one's control at all. Their group was independent. They had come across the human warriors accidentally, and so battle had resulted.

"Crush us like ants, huh? We'll see about that!" Scott said, his voice low and dangerous. Meanwhile, he prepared to unleash his powerful aura of dragon blood.

Once that was brought into the fight, it would suppress the four mutants' strength. Even with the four of them fighting together, Scott would wipe the floor with them!

But just as he was about to burst into motion, Darren suddenly held up a hand. "Hold up, Scott. Don't waste your energy on these four. How about I fight them on my own? They're the ones who will be crushed like ants."

Scott gave his friend a puzzled look. Rather than objecting, however, he nodded his head, drew his aura back, and relaxed. Apparently he agreed with Darren.

Meanwhile, the nearby human cultivators were staring in shocked silence. Mocking several vicious opponents like that was cocky enough. But now Darren wanted to fight all four of the four-star mutants the same time? It was impossible for him to win!

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