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   Chapter 514 Reunion (Part Two)

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Darren could not help but feel worry etching its way into his heart. The purple mutant was a forceful enemy—he already knew that much. Still hurrying along, Darren began to wonder how mighty the king who the black mutant had mentioned would be. According to their discussion, their king was even able to defeat the lord of the Grand Void Manor in the Talent City.

In reality, the lord of the Grand Void Manor was just a haunted soul. Like a ghost, it evaporated into nothingness when Darren became the new master of the Ancient Void Battlefield. However, Darren was the only one privy to this fact.

Darren estimated that the lord of the Grand Void Manor must have been a warrior at the level of a seven-star grand warrior. Still, he was probably weaker than the Shadow Emperor, as the Shadow Emperor existed in the small world created by a holy emperor, which would add to his strength.

Lost in his musings, Darren was flying towards the edge of the area. With the information he had overheard, his mind was racing a mile a minute. Nevertheless, he decided to calm his mind for the time being, as leaving in secret was his priority at that point in time. After all, it would be wise to avoid fighting with the border mutants at the present moment.

Darren kept flying in the same direction, and it didn't take him long to finally leave the land that was controlled by the mutants.

"What the hell is that?"

Suddenly, Darren felt a strange and terrifying aura that was approaching him. The air around him dropped in temperature. Without much warning, it was suddenly as cold as if he had fallen straight into a freezing cellar made of ice. The cold was so heavy and pressing that it made Darren shudder.

'Damn it! Is it the purple mutant?'

Darren's heart missed a beat or two the second that thought entered his mind. He hurriedly rallied his force to hide his own aura and came to a halt. Quietly, with a racing heart, he remained in the same spot and just observed his surroundings.

After a few seconds, Darren felt a hand land on his shoulder and give it a little pat.


each other right now. So I haven't taken any rush actions yet," revealed Scott.

"You're right, Scott. There is a mutant in the hall whose ability is equal to a five-star grand warrior," explained Darren to his friend. He was glad that he had the foresight to observe everything and not simply charge in there without a plan.

"Five-star? No wonder the mutant's aura is so fierce. Tell me everything you know about this place, Darren."

Scott had actually spotted Darren right before the latter had entered the central hall. But Darren had suddenly disappeared completely, right when he was about to inform him of the current situation. After that, there was no way for Scott to detect Darren's whereabouts. Hoping for a reappearance, he had simply sat back and waited for Darren and his aura to appear. When he was finally able to sense it again, he made his presence known.

That was how he found himself in that moment, with Darren telling Scott everything he knew about that place. As they weren't in any immediate danger, he took his time and explained everything, sparing no details. Subsequently, he told his friend about some of the things that had happened to him.

Their talk wasn't one-sided, though. Scott made sure to tell Darren everything about him and his most recent experiences as well. The things he shared with Darren surprised and delighted the latter at the same time.

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