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   Chapter 513 Reunion (Part One)

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After the discussion, they all agreed that it was best if Darren escaped first, all on his own. The idea was that he would sneak out quietly and then go looking for help from other capable human cultivators.

It was difficult to deal with the purple mutant, after all.

By this point, the warriors from the Shaoyan Clan had recovered to a large extent. Now they were already able to protect themselves and slay their enemies. As long as they weren't attacked by a large amount of mutants that were at the top level of three-stars or at the level of four-stars, they would feel no difficulty in fending the enemies off. They would be fine and it wasn't an issue if they were left alone there without Darren's protection.

Therefore, Darren agreed to the plan and made the decision to leave. Determined, he walked in a straight line towards the periphery of the stone castle. To get there he used the help of the Air-integrated True Rule.

Black mutants could be found at every corner of each palace. Their job was to guard the whole place with great vigilance in order to catch anyone who dared to sneak past them, or at least dared to attempt such a feat. However, despite their watchfulness, not a single one of them was able to notice Darren.

Darren decided to check the intention of the purple mutant before he snuck away towards the edge of the island. If the purple mutant intended to leave and lessen his guard here, then everything would be a lot easier for them to handle. In that case, they could rally all the strong warriors and launch a surprise attack to eliminate all the black mutant creatures here.

Slowly, with quiet steps, Darren walked to the center of the hall. To his annoyance, the purple mutant was still there. He was dining and drinking to his heart's content. Unfortunately, that meant he wasn't showing a single sign of leaving any time soon.

"How many of those abject humans are here?" asked the purple mutant in a lazy manner, seemingly completely unbothered.

On the contrary, it looked like he was enjoying the fact that he got to spend his time here and keep an eye

he old black mutant hesitated slightly, the trepidation clearly etched onto his face, before he continued, "It's weird that such a powerful warrior exists in a world much inferior to the level of his ability. Besides, the warrior has so much strength that his ability has surpassed the range we are able to detect."

"I've known about that already. Since it is impossible for us to detect him, you can simply ignore him. Maybe all there is to him is just a very creative story. Even if he truly exists there in the Talent City in the North Desert, he is nothing compared to our king. When the king returns, he can kill that legendary warrior easily. It would be like trampling an ant to death," said the purple mutant in a flat voice, clearly not impressed.

"Our great king has divine power, and he can subdue and slaughter everything and everyone as he wishes." This time, when the old black mutant responded, he didn't resort to flattery at all. What he had said was true. He was simply expressing his respect and admiration towards their king sincerely.

Darren had almost run out of the time he had for using the Air-integrated True Rule. For that reason he could not stay in that room any longer. So he turned around and hurried towards the open space outside.

'The border mutants on the West are strong. They even have a king much more powerful than themselves! What should I do with them?'

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