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   Chapter 512 Really Good Friends (Part Two)

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The powerful warriors of the Shaoyan Clan were looking at Darren eagerly and waiting for his reply with eager eyes. Realizing that Darren was really an unusual warrior, all of them felt excited in their hearts. At the same time, all of them were gratified to be at Darren's presence and the mere fact of being saved and rescued by him.

"If I fight against a four-star grand warrior of the mutants, I can defeat my opponent surely. If he is a human four-star grand warrior, I think, the chances for me to win would be halved." With a furrowed crease on his forehead, Darren was not satisfied with his reply. He actually guessed it and just gave the cultivators a half-truth assumption.

"That's excellent!"

All the three-star grand warriors present shouted aloud in chorus. Amazed, astounded, and astonished, they seemed to have an idol in front of them, worshiping and adoring Darren all at once. Hearing what Darren told them just now, shocked them even more.

"That is indeed, remarkable. Well, Mr. Chu, I have another question. We all know that mutants will be more powerful than our human martial artists at the same level. If that is the case, why can you defeat a four-star mutant surely but can't fight even against a human warrior at the same level?" someone in the crowd was confused and asked Darren.

"Actually, I have some special skills to fight against the mutants. Once I use such a skill, my strength will be improved greatly, and killing the mutants would come easy. But my skill can only work especially to fight against the mutants of the west," Darren explained carefully. He wanted the crowd to understand what he wanted to imply.

"I see. Now, it makes sense."

At the same instant, after hearing Darren's words, all the warriors were delighted as they, of course, would not doubt Darren.

The fact that Darren could defeat a four-star mutant meant that the members of the Shaoyan Clan could certainly escape safely. Previously, the Shaoyan Clan was defeated heavily because a four-star mutant came to attack them, and they did not receive any h


Seeing Darren's reaction, Abelard, who wanted to bow to Darren, stopped his move at once. Then he patted Darren on his shoulder and said, "You came so quickly, buddy, what more can I say to you? Haha!"

"You're good! That's the least I can do for you, my friend," answered Darren while giving Abelard a beaming and encouraging smile.

"Haha! My bad. I was wrong to kneel to you, my buddy." While saying that, Timothy stopped his tears and laughed. Then, he said to Darren, "I cannot cultivate myself from now on. So I have to rely on you!"

As Timothy limped on the ground, he patted Darren on his shoulder as an act of gratitude.

Consequently, Darren also patted Timothy on his shoulder, seeing the sadness hidden in his eyes. A firm grasp of his shoulder was Darren's way of giving hopes to his comrade.

"Who told you that you could not cultivate yourself? I have some friends who possess great rule powers. They must be able to work out some way to let you recover," Darren said, trying to console his friend.

Hearing his words, Timothy nodded his head and felt kind of relieved.

Staying with the clan for long, Darren now was contemplating how to get out of the place. If he went out and fought against the enemies face to face, that would be the start of the battle. But, what bothered him was the purple mutant as he was a tough guy for him to handle.

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