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   Chapter 511 Really Good Friends (Part One)

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"I'm afraid that this is the family heirloom of the Shaoyan Clan. This prized possession should be handed down to members of the family and not just transient strangers like me. It's not proper for me to take such treasures," refusing the gift of gratitude from the Shaoyan Clan, Darren said in a hesitant yet overwhelmed voice.

"Don't think of it that way. You have taken such a significant risk to save us. Darren, you are our clan's savior and hero. We owe you a lot. Only you can own this. We were worried that this might be of no use to you. It turned out that you can absorb the spiritual energy of it. This is the most valuable thing that we have, and I am afraid we do not have anything more precious to offer you in thanksgiving. So, please accept this as a sign of our gratitude," a powerful warrior of the Shaoyan Clan said to Darren. His head was bowed low while he cupped his hands towards Darren.

"Well, if that is the case, and because you insist, I will take this crystal. Thank you very much, sir! But, as to these weapons..." Darren accepted the blue crystal. Then, as his eyes set on the treasured weapons, Darren's curiosity heightened.

"Well, these are the so-called Divine Weapons; they are also from the Ancient Age. It was said that since the ancestors acquired those three weapons, no one in our clan was able to use them, even up to now. Mr. Chu, you can keep them. Maybe one day, they would bring you help in one of your battles.

This one, written on a scroll, is the martial art skill of how to use the Divine Weapons. You should keep it too, for you will not be able to use the weapons without this one. Later, you can try to let the Divine Weapon to claim you as its master. But you should read the directions written on the scroll carefully before you put any of the weapons to the test. Otherwise, you will be in danger."

The elder of the Shaoyan Clan passed the instructions and the martial art skill recorded on an ancient scroll to Darren.

"These things have been kept in Shaoyan Clan for countless years and been handed dow

powerful warriors of the Shaoyan Clan were so startled that they even did not know what to say. After Darren finished absorbing the spiritual energy contained in the spiritual crystal, he just broke through to the top level of the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm. Given the case, the cultivators couldn't help wondering about Darren's cultivation base before that. 'His cultivation base was probably lower than the premium stage of the Wonder Realm!' one of the them assumed, yet was too taken aback to voice it out.

The people of the Shaoyan Clan couldn't keep their heads on the thought that Darren did not reach the Grand Realm, but he could fight against a three-star grand warrior! The fact was too good to be true, shocking, and hard to believe. The cultivators had never heard of such a thing before.

Even a holy emperor who was told in the legends would show his difference and outstanding skills from other talents only after he had surpassed the Grand Realm! Yet, Darren, on his case, was still in the Wonder Realm, but he was much more outstanding than other talents.

"Ha ha! I'm flattered, sirs!" with a sheepish smile on his face, Darren replied shortly.

"Mr. Chu, you are really effacing yourself. We are so lucky to have you here to help us! Is it okay if you show us your fighting strength level now? Can you be as potent as a four-star grand warrior?"

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