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   Chapter 510 More Powerful

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"Such a powerful spiritual energy fluctuation."

Darren flew towards the rubble that had once been the pool. The closer he came, the stronger the spiritual energy grew, until he could feel it all around him, calling to him.

Unlike other spiritual energy, this one was purer. And it smelled of age, of centuries, of the passage of time and tide, the cycle of many moons.

Following the fluctuation, Darren picked out a bluish glint among the rubble. The energy was thicker now. Suffocating. Drawn to the glint like a moth to a flame, Darren found a crystal among the rubble at the bottom of the pool. The crystal looked like blue ice and was as large as the head of a bull.

Darren reached a tentative hand down and picked up the crystal. Its power suffused him. Holding the crystal up, Darren tried to absorb the spiritual energy within it.

Darren frowned. "Why isn't it working?"

He tried again but could not absorb the tiniest bit of the abundant spiritual energy.

"Maybe I should try to use my Assimilation Skill."

Focusing, Darren activated the Assimilation Skill.

Within his mind came a roar like that of a waterfall.

Spiritual energy poured into his meridians like a river overflowing its banks.

"Wow." Darren's eyes shot up.

"My cultivation stage. Wow, it is increasing so fast!"

Seconds later, Darren felt as if he was going to break through from the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm to the premium stage of the Wonder Realm.

The speed of the change was astounding. Normally such progress would take half a year of normal cultivation.

He tried to think of other reasons why his cultivation seemed to have been progressing slowly. Perhaps it was because the spiritual energy he had been absorbing in the past did not suit him. Was ancient spiritual energy more suited for his development?

Deciding that to be the answer, Darren assimilated some more spiritual energy. Soon, his cultivation base broke through to the premium stage of the Wonder Realm.

Such progress was a huge step in his development. By reaching this premium stage of the Wonder Realm, he had elevated the integrating degree of the Augmented Attack Bloodline within his body.

"I think my power is probably fifty times stronger now. I might be able to defeat a three-star grand warrior even if I only use blade and sword intent."

With the elevation of his Augmented Attack Bloodline, his Blade and Sword Domain had automatically become perfected, increasing its power immensely.

After fifteen minutes, one fourth of the spiritual energy in the blue crystal had been assimilated. Darren guessed the rest of the spiritual energy could make him break through to the top level of the supreme stage of the Wonder R


When the air was thick with their power, they began to work on Timothy and Abelard. Threads of spiritual energy snaked out and into the two.

In the meantime, Darren took out the blue crystal.

"Misters, can you please explain how is it that this crystal contains so much spiritual energy? What is it?" Darren asked the masters of Shaoyan Clan.

An elder spoke up. "According to records, this spiritual crystal was a treasure from ancient times and contains pure spiritual energy. If it melts, it can form a lake with a diameter of 100 miles.

However, for many years, even the most talented in our clan could not absorb spiritual energy from it. We could only melt the crystal with arrays in order to access the power. By doing so, cultivation speed of talents in our clan is much faster than other talents,"

one elder of Shaoyan Clan said.

"Ah." Darren nodded. "I see. I've absorbed one fourth of the spiritual energy from the crystal. Please allow me to return the rest to you, together with these weapons."

Darren passed the spiritual crystal and Divine Weapons to them, but no one took them. The masters from Shaoyan Clan regarded Darren with surprised expressions.

"Mr. Chu, did you really absorb one fourth of the spiritual energy from the spiritual crystal?" An elder looked at Darren with doubt in his eyes.

"I didn't mean to, but when I assimilated the spiritual energy, it streamed into my meridians faster than I could have anticipated. Before I knew it, I had assimilated one fourth of the crystal's contents," explained Darren.

"Ah, that is amazing!" declared the elder. "Mr. Chu, you are a real prodigy that only appears once in ten thousand years. Please take it. On behalf of Shaoyan Clan, I beg you to accept it." The elder bowed to Darren, pride beaming on his face.

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