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   Chapter 509 The Hereditary Treasures

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The instant the black mutant tried to escape, Darren flung out his hand and activated his Hurricane Teleportation Skill.

"Did you really think you could pull that off under my watch?"

Darren sneered coldly as he covered the distance in a blink and landed in front of the black mutant, barring his path.

"You bastard!" the black mutant snarled. Enraged and shocked at Darren's speed and the fact the way out was blocked, the black mutant launched his attack, his razor-sharp claws swiping at Darren.

"Humph!" Darren snorted coldly.

He split into eight avatars, surrounding the black mutant.

The eight avatars countered the mutant, bombarding him with unmatched blade and sword intents and powerful dark gold internal force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The body of the black mutant burst open in several areas, gushing blue-black blood.

He threw back his head and let out a pain-filled screech.

His body swelled until his veins became prominent. They appeared as if they would burst through his skin. Or that the skin itself would rip apart.

Darren smirked. The black mutant's combat power matched that of a two-star grand warrior at his top level. He regretted not being able to kill the mutant in a second or less.

At that very moment, the other two black mutants dashed forward. Killing intent spilled from them as they charged toward Darren. Claws spread, they closed the distance quickly.


Darren's figure disappeared. He'd reactivated the Hurricane Teleportation Skill, causing his eight avatars to re-integrate.

His figure showed up again. In that instant, olive-black force exploded from him.


The attack melted one of the onrushing mutants. His body turned to thick black fluid, spilling into the air and across the ground.

Darren grinned.

'It turns out that the olive-black force fused with the aura of dragon blood and demonic internal force can kill a black mutant in an instant after all!'

Previously, his demonic internal force would have been only sufficient to intimidate a mutant. Now, fused with the aura of dragon blood, the black mutants' natural enemy, an entire new world of possibilities had opened. The power was something for them to fear. The threat of instant death was something to send them fleeing.


Darren waved his sword horizontally. A wave of the olive-black force rippled around the whole area. Before the remaining two black mutants could react, even as their eyes bulged with fear, they melted into puddles of viscous black fluid.

"Awesome!" Darren exclaimed.

Grinning, he could barely contain his excitement. Within a second, he could kill a black mutant whose power was equal to that of a top level two-star grand warrior. Such an accomplishment was amazing.

His mind worked as he considered the possibilities of his newfound power. 'If I use this olive-black force, in conjunction with my Hurricane Teleportation Skill and the Air-integrated True Rule, maybe I could kill a black mutant at the top level of a three-star grand warrior in a second!' The thought sent a thrill through Darren. He frowned. "But could I do the same to a mutant with the power of a four-star gran

anding. Despite being in his twenties, his combat power is beyond any of us. He might be strong enough to use the crystal. The same thing with the three Divine Weapons. No one in our clan can wield them. If they were not taken away by the mutants, maybe he could be their owner. Didn't you find out that he cultivates both the sword and blade skills at the same time?" Adam gestured to an elder grand warrior. The elder grand warrior nodded.

Adam continued, "Warriors who cultivate both the sword and blade skills are legendary figures.

He might have broken the repression of Conflicting Cultivation. It's the very reason he wasn't killed long ago."

The elder warrior bowed. "Chief Adam is right. Darren has definitely displayed power unlike anyone I ever witnessed. He's also proven to be a good friend. He came to help our young master, and even rescued us without hesitation. His such qualities are hard to find nowadays. If these hereditary treasures are useful to him, then all the better. They can be considered as our rewards to him. If they are not useful to him, we will owe him a lot." Sincerity lit the elder's eyes.

The first grand warrior bowed to both of them in turn. "Both Chief Adam and the elder have made very good points. I was foolish to raise such a doubt." Adam smiled at him. He then turned to the others.

"All right! Let's be quick about healing our wounds. Those spiritual herbs, elixirs, and pills Darren left are also very valuable. We should appreciate his generosity, and be ready in case he needs our help.

If it were some other person, they would not have given such valuable items to strangers." The people of the Shaoyan Clan bowed to the Chief. Many offered their thanks and respect for Darren.

Darren soon reached the stone castle's second floor.

The place was a mess. All that remained of the large pool at the center was broken stone and rubble. Disappointed, Darren shook his head.

On a whim, he released his spiritual sense to detect the entire floor. Soon, he felt an extremely majestic, profound aura flowing in the broken pool. He grinned at the discovery.

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