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   Chapter 508 The Rescue (Part Two)

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However, looking at the flip side of the coin, the instant this purple mutant joined the fight, Darren's group would still not stand a chance even if they combined all their forces against him alone.

"The Air-integrated True Rule will not hold much longer. I have to get out of here now before being found out," Darren said to himself as he noticed the lax in his Spirit Power.

At will, Darren had wanted to stay longer to learn more about the mutants' strengths and plans, but his Spirit Power was not powerful enough to keep the Air-integrated True Rule up. Thus, he was left with no choice but to exit the place as quick as he could.

"Guys, please be on high alert! I think it is most likely that we have been spotted. Look out for any sign of enemy movement!" After Darren left the center hall, he found a relatively secluded spot so that he could inform his companions about the situation of their opponents using his spiritual sense.

"We are spotted? Then how come they did not send out any mutants to intercept us, or confront us at least?" a three-star grand warrior asked Darren with his spiritual sense, and his voice was filled with both concern and worry.

"I can't gauge their exact strength, but I have come across an extremely powerful mutant with the strength of at least a five-star grand warrior. So please be cautious of your surroundings and do not try to engage with that powerful mutant head on!

One more thing, we are not the only human group on this island. There are also people from other places here, and they have just been spotted. Anyhow these mutants must be cooking up some conspiracies against us human. If possible, could one of you go and find the other groups that are on this island so that we can give them a head-up that the mutants are coming? I have a feeling that we may be able to work together on this," Darren warned and gave them instructions as well.

"Got it. We will stay sharp and keep our guards up. We will try to make contact with them if we can. You be careful out there!" a grandmaster responded.

Before cutting their connection off, Darren told them everything that he had learned so far, and he was almost sure that the mutants from the west had found out that the space passage had been blocked. Otherwise, they would not dare to send such powerful mutants to this place without even a slight disguise.

Clearly, they were not scared of human law enforcers any longer. The sealing of the passages was their ticket to revolt and had put their suppressed desires of vengeance ablaze.

However, this was not Darren's concern as of the moment. His priority was rescuing Timothy and Abelard. He

put his life on the line to save them as well.

Deciding whether to give his plan a go or just dismiss the thought, Darren provided a preliminary assessment of the cultivation base of these four black mutants. He determined their strength to be equal to that of a two-star human grand warrior. Given that, they might be able to have an outburst with their power, the actual power during combat would be close to the top level of a two-star grand warrior.

"Fine. This is also a great opportunity to test my strength. Just kill them!" Darren encouraged himself.


When Darren gave up his cover and appeared out of thin air, he blasted a sturdy dark gold internal force towards one of the black mutants.

In a blink of an eye, that black mutant was reduced to a pile of ashes by Darren's internal force. Soon, the mutant ceased to exist and was blown in the air like dust swaying in the gentle breeze.

"Sound the alarm! We have an intruder!" bellowed one of the three remaining black mutants.

The rest of the black mutants heard the movement, and two of them instantly jumped over, ready for a battle to kill Darren.

At the same instant, the members of the Shaoyan Clan, who had been taken prisoners and barely breathing, were startled by the sudden movement and began to notice Darren's presence.

"Damn, human! How did he pass through our security outside? You two hold him off, and I will notify our force stationed outside!"

These black mutants were not stupid at all. The moment they sensed Darren's indomitable aura, they instantly knew that they would not be able to withstand him. Thus, only two of them came swooping down on Darren as an attempt to buy some time while the other one ran towards the exit of the stone castle to summon backup.

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