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   Chapter 507 The Rescue (Part One)

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With his aura concealed and his entire being close to non-existent, Darren immediately launched a quick search of the area using his Spirit Power. Soon enough, he discovered some movements not far from where they are hiding. Following through the aura as to where the movements originated, the young warrior immediately sensed that the approaching figures were not that friendly.

"Is that what I think it is? I can't believe that I actually run into some mutants like these here!"

At the sight of the two black mutants in patrol, Darren was a little bit surprised and couldn't help himself from cursing.

These black mutants were precisely the same kind of the mutant that Bruce had transformed into. The fact made him wonder whether they were of close kinship or not.

What Darren hadn't figured out yet was whether this kind of mutant was descendant of the fiend or a more bizarre species. He remembered how frightened Bruce was when he first saw Darren in the demonic transformation form. So, he reckoned that these black mutants were naturally and instinctively scared of Darren when he had transformed himself.

'Perhaps, these mutants may have everything to do with the fiend sealed in the forbidden area, and it is also possible that they are the descendants of the human experiment subject.' Making more in-depth scrutiny of the mutants, Darren thought to himself in speculation.

While he was doing that, he stayed hidden on the side with no absolute intention to launch an attack on them. Darren's primary purpose was surveillance, instead of alerting the enemies by killing a couple of low-level black-scaled mutants.

After all, Darren was only at the prototype stage of his Air-integrated True Rule. Thus he could only keep his cover for a short period. That would also mean that he still could not use such ability unrestricted. Yet, lucky for him, Darren did not have to apply such an advanced set of skills on the two black mutants as their Spirit Powers were not strong enough to detect him.

After the patrol of these black mutants passed, Darren kept searching while making his way to the city center, where many tall buildings stood. The city center was the core area that was tightly controlled by the Shaoyan Clan.

It w

his judgment. He felt relieved when the purple mutant shifted his gaze and addressed his servants, saying, "Another group of humans has arrived, and they are hiding in the south side. Hold on a second…. I have been informed that one of them is quite powerful, the one with a spear. I don't want any of you to touch him. I will handle him myself and make sure of his death, and then you guys can take care of the rest."

"Of course, master! Everything will be done as you please. But, would you mind telling me who they are? Or perhaps, who sent them?" a four-star black mutant, who sat next to the purple mutant, asked with uneasiness in his voice.

"I don't care who they are, what they are, or whoever sent them! What would it matter as we will kill whoever that come to our turf? You do not need to know that much!" growled the purple mutant.

"Yes, master! Certainly, master!" the black mutant replied while bowing as low as he could to show his apologies to the purple mutant.

On the far corner, while eavesdropping to their conversation, Darren was deeply disturbed by their short argument.

Aside from that, another realization bothered Darren. That was, if this purple mutant was able to detect the presence of other human beings, then he must have found out about the infiltration of Darren's group. But he could not wrap his head around why such a powerful purple mutant chose to stay inside the central city, safe and hidden, instead of coming over and wiping all the intruders out.

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