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   Chapter 506 Arriving At The Western Desert Island (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-14 11:13

As time drew near and everything was set and ready, Darren, Horace, Rocky, and the grand warriors prepared themselves to head towards the Western Desert Island.

The grand warriors were soon flying in the sky. There were so many of them that the shadows they made as they flew made the living creatures that came across them shiver in fright.

Having a swift flight, it only took them a short time to get to the transmission array. Once they got in the transmission array, they were immediately transported to the Western Desert Island.

In the extreme west of the Bottom Spiritual World was a big blue sea. While, on the edge of the sea was a big island that was a thousand miles in width—the Western Desert Island.


In a secret valley, countless runes started to shine, and many powerful figures appeared at the same time. The place was steaming with the different aura of varying levels of cultivation bases, and all were potent.

"The Shaoyan Clan is in the center area of the island. Should we go there directly and attack the enemies, or should we check the situation first?"

as they lurked among the shadows to hide, one of the grand warriors asked. After this, they started to discuss their plan of action.

Meanwhile, in the ancient complex of palaces in the center of the Western Desert Island, many black human-like creatures with black scales were roaming around the place as if they were guarding them.

One of the palaces was extremely ornate and had a very frightening ferocious aura around it.

"Master, the first group of human martial artists are here to save the men of the Shaoyan Clan," the voice of one thin, black mutant echoed as he relayed the words to a much more powerful black mutant who was sitting on an extensive chair at the front of the palace.

"Where are they from? Are they from the Heavenly Palace Sect in the southern land? Or from the Chasm Clan? Perhaps, they are martial artists from the North Desert?"

the powerful black mutant, as he was seated firmly, asked nonchalantly. It seemed that he wasn't worried ab

t he didn't dare do anything else. He just knelt on the ground and asked in a quivery voice, "M...Master, can you tell us what made you so angry? We are sorry if it's our fault."

One had to know that the black mutant was as powerful as a human four-star grand warrior. Now, faced with the young purple mutant, he was so frightened. It was apparent that the young purple mutant was even more powerful than him!

"I got some bad news. I heard that one person of the Dragon Blood Clan had arrived on this island. How the hell did you guard this place? Huh?

Are you sure that the space passage is one hundred percent sealed? Answer me!"

His angry voice made the powerful black mutant shiver even more violently. No one had the courage to answer him least; his wrath would fall upon them, knowing that he was extremely vexed at the moment.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the Western Desert Island, Darren and the other grand warriors decided to let someone make a few discreet inquiries before making a move after discussion.

As bold as he was, Darren was the first to volunteer because once he used the Air-integrated True Rule, even Horace couldn't feel his existence. He thought that he was the best choice for this task.


Unseen to the naked eye and unfelt to most spiritual sense, Darren was flying close to the ground, directed towards the center of the island.

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