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   Chapter 505 Arriving At The Western Desert Island (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-14 11:13

While the three elders isolated themselves to focus on preparing the Sky Piercing Array, Darren, on the same instant, settled in a relatively quiet place and opened the Ancient Void Battlefield.

Ever since Belle was brought into the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren had been checking on her with his spiritual sense every day. Days and weeks had passed, and Darren was saddened to see that her condition had not progressed at all. She had been unconscious the whole time.

As she had sustained heavy and constant bleedings after being hit by some spells, Belle couldn't wake up any time soon. Darren understood that her body needed some time to recover.

Today, as Darren had enough time while waiting for the elders to be done with refining the Sky Piercing Array, he thought a visit into the Ancient Void Battlefield would be a good idea. After all, seeing his sister physically before facing the border mutants would add up to his courage and motivation to win the dreaded battle. A few moments later, Darren appeared in a quiet valley where a thatched cottage stood humbly by its nether side surrounded by luscious vegetation and a gently running stream.

As quiet as he could, Darren opened the door to the cottage where Belle was staying. Belle, his sister, was lying on the bed, face still pale and motionless. The only sign that she was still alive was her chest that moved up and down as she breathed.

"You suffered a lot, my little sister. I hope you survive this one and get well soon,"

the hopeful brother mumbled in a gentle voice. While he was stroking his sister's face, Darren's heart couldn't be spared from hurting, seeing his little sister so weak and helpless.

Ever since they were kids, Darren and his little sister had been bullied. Though he was too innocent to understand why they were always browbeaten, Darren made a vow that it would never again happen to his sister. He had thought that he could protect his little sister when he gained the experience of his adventure. But he was wrong all this time, he failed and was not able to fulfill h

to help them out.

"With the help of my senior fellow apprentices, the rule power crystal core that I refined is even more powerful. Its strength is equal to the strength of a four-star grand warrior," the older red-robed man, Nick, interrupted at this time, taking out a crystal core shining with runes. Only with this potent crystal core could they maintain the Sky Piercing Array.

The grand warriors all heard what he said and turned to look his way and towards the crystal. But their gazes fell on to Horace and Rocky, whom they hadn't met before.

"May I ask who the two men are?" one of them asked politely.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce them to you. They are both powerful rule cultivators, and they are like Nick's brothers,"

with a gentle voice, Jacob said simply. His tone was casual, for he knew that many of the grand warriors were enemies with the Red Inferno Sect, and they hated the members of this sect. Jacob also made the right decision in not telling the grand warriors Horace and Rocky's real identities.

"Oh, I see. I bet with the help of you two, we are more confident that we will succeed in killing those mutant bastards this time, haha!" Judging from the way Master Jacob introduced them as Nick's brothers, the grand warriors didn't overthink about the identities of the two new men. They continued laughing and chatting as if nothing was unusual.

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