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   Chapter 504 Prepared The Sky Piercing Array (Part Two)

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Hearing Nick's dilemma, Darren's eyes brightened in excitement. 'Horace and Rocky have a similar cultivation base of rule cultivation with Nick. They might be able to help, ' he thought.

"Horace, have you arrived?" Determined to have them sooner at the Violet Phoenix Sect, Darren sent a message through his spiritual sense.

"In a minute," replied Horace shortly.

"Nice. When you reach the palace, please don't tell them who you are. Maybe just tell them you are my friends or some elders," the worried warrior suggested.

As a precautionary measure, Darren planned to conceal Horace's and Rocky's true identities. The reason was that he wanted to avoid any unnecessary conflicts that might arise if others knew that they had been grand-elders from the Red Inferno Sect.

"I see. I understand, sir," replied Horace, who was on their way toward the Violet Phoenix Sect.

After a little while, Horace and Rocky arrived at the hall. Their auras were felt the moment they landed on the ground. Darren, Jacob, and Nick, all at once turned their heads towards them.

However, to Darren's surprise, the atmosphere had become intense the moment they draw near. It was as if the sun suddenly hid among the clouds, and the ether started to dim.

"It is you!" Nick's tone was filled with anger. The instant he set his eyes upon Horace, he recognized him at once.

"Humph, Nick, it's been a long time," Horace greeted the pale-faced Nick. Contemplating Nick's reaction, Horace and Rocky looked at each other, giving a bitter smile.

"Don't call me by my name. I am surprised that you guys are still alive! Traitors and betrayers of trust! humph!" Glaring at them, and eyeing them from head to foot at the same time, Nick snorted coldly.

"Yes, Nick, we are still alive, and we are thankful for that. But, Louis, on the other hand, is not lucky enough that he died," with mournful scorn on his face, Horace answered.


d, and he was hoping that Nick would understand the situation and forgive them in his heart.

"Big brother, please stop it here. I get your point, and I don't want to talk about it anymore," looking at Horace's eyes, Nick replied.

"Good then, that would be fine with me. As you might have known, Rocky and I have become Darren's subordinates. We will not do anything evil. Let's work together to save those people in his friend's clan," reckoned Horace, with a relieved smile spreading over his face.

This time, as they shifted their gaze towards Darren, Nick slightly nodded without saying anything more.

"Let's start to prepare the Sky Piercing Array. With your help, the power of the Sky Piercing Array will be greatly increased. Later, we can go there together and use it against the border mutants. Even if there were two four-star mutants, we would be able to defeat them," assured Nick with all hopes high.

"That would be great. Let's start then. Darren, please wait for six more hours."

"Okay, I will do that. Thanks, elders," With his hands cupped and his head bowed, Darren expressed his gratefulness towards the elders. Reciprocating his gesture, Horace, Rocky, and Nick made a slight bow and then left to refine the crystal core of the Sky Piercing Array.

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