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   Chapter 503 Prepared The Sky Piercing Array (Part One)

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Though Darren was thrilled at the thought that the grandmasters of the Violet Phoenix Sect would help him out, still, he couldn't help worrying about Timothy and Abelard. Apart from that, Darren also felt anxious if the border mutants had known that the space passage was sealed. Otherwise, how could they dare invade Timothy's family? The thought made Darren even more fazed.

As he walked back and forth along the hall of the palace, an hour later, Jacob came back to the hall after informing other masters of martial arts.

"Darren, you mentioned earlier that both the Red Inferno Sect and the Soul Hunter Sect were exterminated. What happened?" Because it took some time for those masters to come, Jacob had the leisure of the time to ask Darren. He was curious about the details of what happened to the sects.

Since he had arrived, Darren knew that Jacob was curious about the fates of the sects. The young warrior, in return, did not mean to conceal the truth, so he narrated to Jacob the story on how the two vilest factions had reached the end of the existence of their dominance.

"What? Is that so? How horrible!"

After hearing the account from Darren, who was present at that time, flesh and blood, Jacob was totally at a loss for words.

As a matter of fact, he indeed felt something unusual that day, when the incident happened. It turned out that it was not one of his illusion, but something commodious and unbounded happened.


To convince himself a little more, Jacob stood up and chopped the air outside of the hall with his palm fiercely. To his bewilderment, his action did not have any influences on the space at all.

"Oh my God! So, it is indeed true!" As he was uttering those words in disbelief, Jacob had a grim expression on his face.

While the master was immersed with thoughts about the alterations in the space, an older man in red robes marched towards the hall with quick steps.

"That's true, Jacob. I, myself, noticed that space had been upgraded since that day, but I did not expect that something detrimental happened on the other side of the lands."

The older man in the red robe was Nick, and he was the invit

utant grand warrior had mighty fighting capacities. Even with the three-star human grand warriors' combined strength, and Darren's too, they wouldn't be on par with the four-star mutant grand warrior.

Back then, the sub-specific legendary beast, which was the winged-tiger, almost killed twenty three-star grand warriors all at once.

That was actually excellent. Yet, at the onset, Darren's biggest fear was, what if there were other much stronger mutants there? Even higher than a four-star mutant? Even if there was just one more four-star mutant joining in the fight, it would become extremely difficult for them to handle. If things came to worst, they might meet their doom on Western Desert Island while facing the powerful mutants.

"A four-star grand warrior is indeed very powerful, especially when backed up with numerous equally powerful minions. Thus, we really need your help, elder." While saying that, Jacob turned to Nick. His eyes were full of supplication and pleas towards the elder.

The instant Nick met Jacob's eyes, he readily knew what he meant. To let Darren know about what was on their mind, Nick slightly shook his head and said, "Do you suggest we should use the Sky Piercing Array? However, I cannot create the required powerful rule power crystal core at the moment. But if someone, whose cultivation base is as strong as mine would assist me, I could create the crystal core of the Sky Piercing Array again."

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