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   Chapter 502 Pals Are In Trouble (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-13 11:14

"What the hell happened?" At the sound of such remorse from a mighty warrior like Abelard, Darren believed that they were really in great danger. Thus, he asked urgently and demanded an urgent response as well.

"Some rebellious guys in Timothy's clan attacked his family, and I came in to help him, but they were too strong. There was a four-star grand warrior among them, and Timothy's parents have been killed."

"Oh, my goodness! How long can you hold out? I will be right there," Darren reckoned anxiously. Wasting no time, he prepared himself for battle.

"No, don't come here! This wretched guy is solid, and I reckon that even the Water Kylin can't resist him. I just want to say goodbye to you, pal. Promise me that you will not come over on impulse, or else you will die as well!" with a shout-like voice, Abelard warned Darren anxiously. He was afraid that Darren would come and save them. That for sure would put his life on the line, and Abelard didn't want that to happen, especially knowing that it was for their sake.

"Don't worry about me! Just tell me, how long can you hold out? And how could that four-star grand warrior appear in Timothy's clan?" Darren asked incredulously in a demanding and commanding voice.

"Seven days! If we get lucky, I am afraid we will live for seven days at most. The bastard actually is not even a human but a border mutant who has spied in Timothy's clan for many years," Abelard surmised in between gasps. It could be sensed in his voice that he, too, was in pain.

"Oh, that makes sense. Just hang in there for a bit longer. I will be there as soon as I can." With that, Darren sent his last message and then cut off contact. He knew that Abelard would undoubtedly try to dissuade him, in any way possible not to go there.

Yet, Darren had made up his mind, and no one could stop him. As he flew on his way towards Timothy's clan, Darren mulled over the situation.

'The Water Kylin and I couldn't be able to defeat the border mutant who is a four-star

ed Darren. The space passage between the Bottom Spiritual World and the Medium Spiritual World had been sealed, so of course, there wouldn't be any enforcers coming.

Jacob wore a surprised look as he heard Darren's words.

Yet, whether Jacob believed him or not, Darren glanced at him and continued to say, "At this point, a lot of things are happening, and lives are in danger. I will talk about the details with you some other time. But for now, could you do me a favor and call on the masters of your sect to help?"

"No problem! I will notify them at once. I am sure that they will not refuse if they know that you need their help. Just wait for an hour." At the onset of Darren's supplication, Jacob did not hesitate to make a decision. The action, in turn, made Darren warm at heart.

At the same time that Jacob informed the other masters, Darren also sent messages to Horace and Rocky. Considering their reliable rule power, they could kill a rookie four-star grand warrior together.

"Copy that. We will come over very soon," Horace immediately responded the moment he received Darren's message.

With all the preparations, Darren believed that he was well likely to save Timothy and Abelard. He was also praying that there would be no five-star border mutants in Timothy's clan, or else the rescue would be more arduous.

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