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   Chapter 501 Pals Are In Trouble (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-13 11:14

At the onset of Darren's confident statement, the two elders' doubting eyes flashed with a shadow of half-heartedness. Yet, they chose to suppress the feeling within them and dared not verbalize it—they had a high reverence for Darren to do so.

However, no matter how hard they acted normal and tried to hide their apparent stand about the issue, Darren keenly detected the glints of doubt in their eyes. Knowing that they did not believe his words, Darren's desire to improve grew within him more intensely. In Horace's mind, there lingered the question, 'How is it possible that Darren is going to improve his strength within just three years from the level of being able to kill a one-star grand warrior to the level of killing a four-star or even a five-star grand warrior?'

As he thought about it, Horace had come to think about Finley. That, even Finley, a potential holy emperor, was unable to do that. It might also take him many years to be able to advance at that stage.

"Horace, Rocky, I believe you will have to stay here to deal with some minor problems. I have to leave first," breaking the ice that froze them awkwardly, Darren said his farewell and did not say too much.

"Okay," the two grand-elders replied shortly with a nod.

With the grand-elders' consent, Darren lurched and soared into the sky like a bird freed from captivity. As swift as he could, he flew out of the region away from the Red Inferno Sect.

There were vast stretches of mountains outside the Red Inferno Sect, luscious and paved with evergreen trees. Creatures of varied species were scattered across the plains, and Darren enjoyed seeing such life forms. As he neared his destination, Darren randomly landed on an isolated peak.

Now that he was alone and had all the time in the world, all he needed was to concentrate. He was diverting all his attention on how to improve his cultivation base in the fastest way possible.

"How can I improve my strength quickly?" murmured Darren as he had some self-reflections amidst the vast and peaceful land.

In all truths, even Darren himself was kind of unsure that he could take merely

progress tremendously and to an extraordinary extent.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Just as Darren had enough motivation to continue his cultivation, the contact bead in his Space Ring sounded an alert.

"Darren, are you all right?

I am afraid that Timothy and I will be unable to help you. I hope you can save your sister successfully."

Abelard's voice came out of the contact bead. He sounded like he was apprehensive for Darren, which made the latter confused as to what made him behave so.

"No worries, Abelard! I have resolved my affairs. What's wrong with you?" responded Darren abruptly as he was eager to have his mind cleared off at the thought of what was troubling Abelard at the moment.

Yet, staring at his Space Ring, Darren grew annoyed as he remembered the last time that Abelard sent him a message through the contact bead. Darren responded immediately, but he, in return, did not get any messages back again. Waiting in vain frustrated him a lot, and that made him curse Abelard, though he was miles away from him.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

This time, however, soon after Darren sent his response, Abelard replied.

"Alas, Timothy is in bad shape! He has been severely injured. We are now hiding inside a protective device, but I am afraid it will not last long before we get caught. I think I have to say goodbye to you for the last time in my life, buddy," Abelard hollered in fear and desolation.

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