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   Chapter 500 Lawrence's Sacrifice (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-13 11:14

"Well then, let's wait and see. I don't care whether you are still in prison or not. I just want to cut your head off and take your life to avenge Lawrence's honor. I'll pledge my word that I will do that in twenty years."

After saying those words, Darren turned around and left without even looking back. With quick steps, Horace and Rocky caught up with Darren, who was walking with gigantic leaps.

"Soul attack!" As he heard the group's fading footsteps, Eddy summoned an attack. He was outraged after he listened to the words uttered by Darren. Thus the soul attack was released intending to kill him. However, inclusive of the Imprisonment Rule, the prison cell could shackle anything, including the soul attack that Eddy released. He failed again this time, and it crossed him even more.

Soon enough, as the light of day grew apparent, Darren's figure appeared in the outside world. The warmth of the sunshine and the refreshing breeze that kissed his face resembled a renewed hope to Darren. With all those dear to him that had been lost battle after battle, Darren was thankful that he was still alive and would live to give them honor and justice.

Lifting his head to enjoy the view, Darren stared at the white clouds floating leisurely in the sky, with mixed feelings in his heart.

"Master, what should we do next?" with a solemn voice, Horace asked as he appeared behind Darren.

"What do you mean?" The question made by Horace made Darren furrow his brows. He was confused as an aftermath of everything that had happened.

"Master, as you can see, Oliver has died, and Eddy was imprisoned. Everything had been sorted temporarily, at least. That's indeed great for us. But, there are so many disciples from the Red Inferno Sect and the evil hunters from the Soul Hunter Sect. How do we deal with them?"

With Horace's explanation, the cloud on Darren's mind was slightly cleared off. He soon realized that it was indeed an important thing that Horace just put forward.

"I want to request that you two deal with these things. How about that? Disciples from the Red Inferno Sect shall be deprived of using the rule power. Build some new towns among the huge mountains and make them live there for the rest of their lives. As for the evil cultivators from the Soul Hunter Sect, once you

d warriors could exert their strength more fully now that the space was stable. The moment the border mutants started to revolt, human beings at the Bottom Spiritual World would be exterminated in all probability.

"Oh, my god! Things are getting horrible." As he let out his frustrations, Darren took a deep breath. He didn't know how to deal with such a complicated puzzle.

In the first place, all that Darren wanted was just to save his sister. He didn't expect that he would be mixed up with a much bigger tangled web.

"Sirs, in your opinion, how soon can the border mutants notice that the space passage has been sealed?" out of his curiosity, Darren asked.

"Eddy had used the World Upgrade; thus, any knowledgeable master warrior might discern this matter as soon as possible. Among the border mutants, those priests and rule cultivators can undoubtedly sense the alterations made at the Bottom Spiritual World. But, I guess, it will take three years at least for them to notice that the space passage has been sealed," Horace said, giving Darren an approximate time frame based on his knowledge of the border mutants.

"Well, if that were true, three years would be enough for me. I will focus on my cultivation, and by that time, I can reach the stage that can kill a five-star grand warrior. Besides, I will deal with the consequences by myself," confident with himself, Darren said in a calm voice. In his mind, he had a vision of himself with an increased level, and on his feet laid bodies of fallen border mutants.

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