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   Chapter 499 Lawrence's Sacrifice (Part One)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 7532

Updated: 2020-01-13 00:12

"Perhaps, he is right. I have paid a high price to ingest his soul. Of course, I won't let him go without getting what I want! Besides, all of you are doomed to death, what's the use of spilling a bargain for your lives?"

With the mocking words, Eddy opened his eyes, which flashed a bloody angry light. It was evident that his heart was filled with unbounded murderous intent. He couldn't wait to lay his hands upon these annoying people before him.

"You are such a brute! Do you really intend to kill them?" While he was confronting the ruthless warrior in front of him, Lawrence's face turned icy.

"You old bastard! What a shame for you to say so? Let me help you to recall what happened years ago, for you to look back on the cruel things you have done to me!

At that time, I was as innocent as a baby. I did things and made decisions just by instinct. I indeed made some mistakes because I had ingested some warriors' souls that were nobodies. But you showed me no mercy. You didn't want to give me a chance to live but wanted to kill me instead! You tried to burn me alive by True Fire. How could you torture me in such a cruel way? I was just a baby then! What a ruthless bastard you are! I, the poor child, had begged you to let me live again and again. And yet, what did you do? Have you ever been softhearted to me? Of course, you haven't, because YOU are a damn ruthless dog! Hahaha..."

Eddy laughed like a lunatic. Behind that menacing laugh, nobody knew the mixed feelings he had deep inside—hatred, regrets, self-pity, and vengeance, all were tossed and tousled up inside him.

A moment later, Lawrence was still in silence, as the truth synced in on him. Eddy realized that at that very moment, Lawrence was at his weakest, and then he seized the chance to make an attack. A spear with runes was directly shot at Lawrence unannounced and at breakneck speed.

"All your bastards must go to hell! GO TO HELL!" Eddy roared as he let out all his displeasures.

At the same time, a rune-powered spear that had an overwhelming power that bore a force like thousands of huge mountains was directly shot at Darren. Caught unprepared, Darren and the two grand-elders that were standing with him trembled. The approaching spear was as

ed to be dragged out of hell, Eddy clenched his teeth and yelled his threat towards Darren.

As shivers of fear crept through Darren's skin, he rushed to the dark prison and peeped at Eddy through a crack on the dark prison cell.


Still unable to accept his defeat, Eddy bared his teeth and roared at Darren.

"It's your lucky day, bastard! Enjoy the rest of the twenty years. Sooner or later, I will break out of the dark prison and take your life! Mark my words, useless bastard."

To hinder Eddy from doing any more harm, Lawrence sacrificed his soul to activate the Imprisonment Rule and contain the vile warrior inside. However, the Imprisonment Rule was soul-consuming; as time went on, Lawrence's spiritual energy would vanish gradually, and the shackle force that bound the prisoner would similarly be weakened. Twenty years was Lawrence's best efforts to stay Eddy imprisoned.

"Twenty years is not a long time; indeed, I can wait. I will make sure that twenty years later, I will make certain of your death by killing you with my own hands!" Darren bellowed coldly, stepping away from the prison cell. He was not afraid of Eddy this time, and he meant his words heartily.

"Are you kidding me? You? The loser? Forget it! No matter how much effort you spend in cultivating, eventually, one fact is inevitable. You will be defeated, and I will always win against you, weakling!" Not even moved by Darren's threat, Eddy shouted sneeringly with a voice steaming with anger.

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