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   Chapter 498 The Surrender (Part Two)

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"You want to run away with your tail between your legs? I can just stab you to death within seconds!" mocked the leader of the law enforcers.

Watching the space passage starting to collapse, magnified the purple-armored martial artist's anger. He was resolved to utilize his most potent skill to take down Eddy.

As he was about to launch his attack, his body seemed to enlarge. Standing in the middle of the Invincible Warfare Domain, he looked like a Genuine God who was summoning his power for the assault. The spear in his hand began to shine with a blazing light as it filled full with the force of belligerence. Then, to everyone's astonishment, the spear pricked nimbly through space and reached Eddy's throat.

This time, the strike was beyond Eddy's power to resist. As the spear pointed at his throat, he could not help experiencing a sudden shudder of terror. He quivered as a stream of chilling cold went over him.

"Fuck off!"

Driven by the horror, Eddy fumbled to seal the space passage by expediting his martial formula.

However, it was a tad too late, no matter how hard Eddy tried to speed it up.

In this small period, the purple-armored martial artist's spear had already slashed his throat, and now it was slithering up towards his head.

The situation was critical and parlous for Eddy, for the resource of all his power: his head was now at a stick.

"Soul Penetrating Skill!"

At this very moment of life and death, Eddy activated the most powerful soul attack skill he possessed. He knew that the skill might not enable him to defeat the martial artist in purple armor, but he knew that at least the skill would buy him some more time.

Consequently, the force of the Soul Penetrating Skill took the martial artist in purple armor less than three seconds to react and overpower it.

The result of the fight was dramatic enough for both Eddy and the leader of the law enforcers. Jus

rrior at a much lower level do to change the result of the fight between two equally powerful warriors?

"Sir, what are we supposed to do next?" Darren asked Lawrence, staring worriedly at the scarlet body of Eddy that was drifting in the sky. They could see that the wounds in Eddy's body were stitching themselves together quickly. With no doubt, Eddy would be fully healed and would become as robust and powerful as ever. If that were the case, then the path that was laid ahead would be disastrous for any of the men present.

"Don't panic! Since I have already rescued you once, I won't shrink from the thought of saving you a second time around. Although I am incapable of killing him now, I could still try some other ways." Saying that, Lawrence turned to Eddy's figure.

"Eddy, let them go! I will stay here as your hostage!"

Lawrence called out loud to Eddy, his voice echoed through space.

Everyone was taken aback by Lawrence's offer. Everyone that heard such a suicide-intention was pale in the face. 'Is this his means of rescuing us? By surrendering himself as a hostage?'

"Sir, you cannot do that! Even if you had sacrificed yourself, that perilous bastard would not let us leave quickly." Stalwart and bold, Darren stepped forward and stopped Lawrence.

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