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   Chapter 497 The Surrender (Part One)

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"Is the World Upgrade almost done?" asked the purple-armored martial artist who had a mixed emotion of surprise and worries cast on his pale face.

"Eddy, since you have already activated the World Upgrade once, I don't want to dwell on that matter any longer. Let's move on and think about what our next move should be. What I would require you to do is very simple. You just need to go back with me and explain to Lord Donald about your affairs. You have my word that he won't blame you that much," the purple-armored martial artist, who was the leader of the law enforcers advised Eddy. He was determined to persuade Eddy in any way possible so as not to create further havoc to the already unpleasant mess he had created.

"Haha, do you think I am an idiot? What makes you think that I will go with you willingly? Especially now that my World Upgrade is about to succeed? The moment I have finished the process, with the flick of my fingers, I can quickly seal the gate of the space passage. I will be the dominator of this Bottom Spiritual World, and I can assimilate as many souls as I please. Your lord is no longer a match for me in strength. I won't waste my time and energy talking to that old bastard anymore."

Then came Eddy's satirical and haunting voice along with his diabolical laughter.

"Damn it!"

the purple-armored martial artist growled in a fury. This time, panic had crept through him, and he was in a desperate situation to put Eddy's plan to an end.

"You gave me no choice but to end your life. You are useless to us if you don't follow our rules!" he roared and motioned to the other grand warriors to launch an attack to the unyielding warrior.

Under his command, the six-star grand warriors present lifted their spears and charged towards Eddy all at once.

The united force of the grand warriors was powerful and devastating. They steadily pressed on and weakened Eddy's power. Panting heavily with exhaustion, Eddy stumbled backward as the holy emperor defense of his body g

d only made him insulted and frustrated. A flame of anger flared up dangerously in his eyes as he was determined to get even—or best kill Eddy.

"Invincible Warfare Domain!" the purple-armored martial artist roared.

Instantly, he was crowned with a blaze of dazzling light as his belligerence streamed out of his body. Not wanting to bother with Eddy any longer, the purple-armored martial artist demonstrated his most powerful skill.

The domain skill was known as an inherent attack means of martial arts grand warriors to end the enemy's life. As a seven-star grand warrior, the purple-armored leader could be considered as invincible and matchless in his own domain, unless he was facing an enemy at the level of the Holy Realm.

"Wow, you scared the hell out of me. I am tired of playing with you boys. Now, get the hell out of my way!" Eddy yelled in response to the purple-armored martial artist's incoming attack.

Although scoffing at the purple-armored martial artist, under the jest, Eddy personally felt the suppression of the Invincible Warfare Domain. Upon realizing that he would soon be defeated and swallowed by the skill, Eddy activated his legendary martial arts skill without a second thought. He felt that the earlier he had sealed the gate of the space passage, the higher the chances of saving his life would be.

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