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   Chapter 496 Impressive Scene (Part Two)

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Now that he had a vivid picture of what was the root of all the mayhems, the leader frowned at Lawrence's story. Yet, as he thought about things in a more profound sense, his eyes were focused on Darren.

Out of the blue, at Lawrence's surprise, the leader suddenly slapped Darren hard in the face.

The sound was sharp, and the slap itself was burning in Darren's face. Although the strength he used was not stronger than an ordinary person's strength, Darren could feel his face numbing and tingling at the same time. He was slapped unprepared and was not expecting the leader to do such a thing on him.

"Why did you slap me?!"

Moments later, after a somewhat lengthy pause of disbelief, a look of pure hatred flashed across Darren's face. He shouted to express his anger and was wondering what the reason behind the unexpected action was.

"It is because of you, and Eddy grew crazy regardless of the Sacred Palace's order. Dare you say you shouldn't be blamed?" the martial artist wearing a purple suit of armor yelled at Darren. His voice was cold, with a malicious aura surged towards Darren.

"I should be blamed? Why is that so? He wanted to kill my sister. What would you suggest I do? Let him be? Should I see my sister die in front of me? He wanted to kill an innocent girl, but I shouldn't fight him or at least stop him? Is that what you mean?" As he vented out the anger in his heart, Darren clenched his fist. The clenched fist was so tight that his nails nearly poked into his palm.

The leader, in return, was overwhelmed at Darren's outrage. He didn't mean to slap Darren because, in fact, the leader had wanted to blame Lawrence for this trouble. Yet, he dared not hit him. Lawrence was superior and had a higher status than him. Darren, on the other hand, was young, less powerful, and way too inferior. Thus he deviated his anger on him—a slap on Darren's face made him feel a bit better.

'If Lawrence didn't come to save this not so important person, this mish

needed to do was to get himself more powerful. If he became powerful enough, he would be respected. No one would ignore an influential martial artist—least slap them in the face.

With the hatred he felt inside, memories of the incident that happened in the past flashed back his mind. The same humiliating feeling was felt by Darren when his relatives bullied him in the Chu Clan.

"I haven't felt like this for a long time," muttered Darren in a tone filled with self-pity. Yet, he didn't show any signs of being crossed. Instead, he made a faint smile. The mark and the tingling sensation left by the slap was still there, but he soon fathomed out how to deal with the trouble.

"Humph." The leader glared at Darren from head to foot and snorted.

"Haha. Sir, I have a deep understanding of your insult. But sooner or later, you will definitely have a taste of that insult too." After saying that, Darren made a big smile and looked at the leader's eyes warily. He vowed to himself that he would get even with this man one day, by hook or by crook.

The leader was about to insult Darren even more, when he felt changes with the oppressive aura in the air. As he looked at Eddy's direction, it seemed that he had almost completed the World Upgrade. The red light that radiated from him began to fade away gradually.

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