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   Chapter 495 Impressive Scene (Part One)

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Falling in with the way they looked and the potency of their aura, the law enforcers present here looked even more powerful than the law enforcer Darren had met before. They exuded astonishing destructive power and overwhelming confidence.

"I guess the leader is a legendary seven-star grand warrior. All of his subordinates are six-star grand warriors." Darren expressed his surprise to see such a powerful group.

There were fifty martial artists in total, all of which wore a purple suit of armor. The power that emanated from them as they stood there in the open made Darren and the grand-elders wonder in awe.

"Mr. Lawrence Hong." The powerful law enforcers greeted and bowed to the older man who walked towards them. The greeting was in a chorus, and their movement was done as if they were one person.

"Lord Donald asked you to come here?" Lawrence asked the leader of the group. The expression on Lawrence's face was unreadable. The leader of the group, in return, could not gauge whether he was glad at their arrival or not.

"Yes, sir. Lord Donald felt like there was something unusual. He received reports that there was a big problem. After checking and confirming, he had sent us here to explore what happened and settle it for him," the leader said as he made an explanation as to the reason why they are there.

"I think I know the problem Lord Donald was referring to. Look, that bastard used the World Upgrade," said Lawrence, while pointing at the bloody figure in the distance.

The martial artist who talked to him just now shifted his gaze at Eddy. After this, he frowned and released a strong spiritual sense to cover and probe the entire Bottom Spiritual World.

In his eyes, he could see the changes that were happening in the Bottom Spiritual World as he released his spiritual sense. All the rules in the space were improved, and the space became more and more stable. With the increased stability and improvement, the level of the Bottom Spiritual World soon became half of the Medium Spiritual World. The moment the Bottom Spiritual World's level reached the Medium Spiritual World's level, the two world

id of you? After the Bottom Spiritual World upgrades, I will seal the space passage, and you have to go back. If that happens, do you suppose that Lawrence himself can defeat me?" In his mind, Eddy had thought of a solution to run away before he used World Upgrade. Yet, his words were indeed a provocation to the law enforcers.

He mastered the legendary martial formulas and was able to integrate different worlds. Sealing the space passage leading to the Bottom Spiritual World would be a piece of cake for him. Moreover, according to the rules Hiram the Great made, when the space passage was sealed, the six-star and seven-star grand warriors couldn't stay in the Bottom Spiritual World anymore. Eddy thought that as an escape because the law enforcers would be taken away and would be sent back to the Medium Spiritual World.

Besides, he didn't believe the law enforcers would kill him. In fact, they had their misgivings about saving the world from future danger!

Hearing the rustic words from Eddy, the leader of the law enforcers forced a lucid smile. There were truths in Eddy's words. In all facts, he could do nothing against Eddy's provocation.

"Mr. Hong, why is it going like this? What happened?" This time, the leader of the martial artists turned to Lawrence Hong, waiting for his explanation.

As he felt obliged and responsible, Lawrence didn't hesitate. He narrated to the leader what had happened.

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