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   Chapter 494 A Mysterious Story

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Darren didn't understand what was going on. However, he could feel that Lawrence was suddenly afraid. He had never seen him this way.

"Hum! Don't push me! Don't provoke me! I tell you! Since you've executed the space turbulent flows in order to kill me, I will upgrade the Bottom Spiritual World. Then you won't be able to activate the space turbulent flows anymore," Eddy said with a venomous smile, and a mischievous look in his eyes.

The space turbulent flows were so powerful that Eddy couldn't overcome them. But the space turbulent flows which were executed by Lawrence were formed from the broken space of the Bottom Spiritual World, not from his broken World Illusion, which was entirely different.

Once Eddy upgraded the Bottom Spiritual World, the space would become extremely stable. Then Lawrence would not be able to make space turbulent flows to kill Eddy any longer.

"Eddy, don't do it! If you forcibly upgrade the Bottom Spiritual World, you will weaken the power of the legendary means. Do you think you'll have a chance to survive? Think carefully now Eddy! Lord Donald of the Sacred Palace will kill you!" Lawrence shouted to get his point across loud and clear.

"Ha-ha! It's too late now old man! There's nothing more important than killing you! Absolutely nothing!"

Eddy said while activating the rule power which was hidden in his body. The whole Bottom Spiritual World then began to tremble violently. It was like an earthquake.

"When I finish upgrading, you will die! And that is a promise!"

Although the whole process of upgrading would take a long time, not just anyone could kill Eddy, not even a "holy emperor." That was because he would own the most powerful protection ever during that period.

Meanwhile, Lawrence felt absolutely helpless and looked up at the sky in desperation. His eyes seemed to pierce the sky and look forward to something. It was not an ordinary look. A moment later, he bowed his head down with a heavy sigh.

"It will take at least four hours to wait for Lord Donald's men. It's too late. Way too late. Am I going to be a sinner in my old age?" Lawrence shook his head slightly, feeling despondent, and then he walked towards the protective cover.

Darren, Horace and Rocky saw Lawrence coming and their hearts thumped loudly. They also had many questions to ask him, and were quite nervous.

"Sir, thank you for your help. We really appreciate everything you are doing."

They deeply saluted Lawrence.

"You're welcome. Alas! I wish the result were different," Lawrence said with a wave of his hand, and a glance at the ground.

"Sir, can you tell us what's going on now? If you don't mind that is?" Horace asked, extremely worried about the situation now.

Lawrence said

re detail.

"It's a pity that such a strong power is held by such evil people, Alas, a great pity!" Horace sighed, looking depressed.

"No one knows for sure. No one." Lawrence shook his head too and said, "After Eddy uses the World Upgrade skill to upgrade the Bottom Spiritual World, the power which is emitted by the integration of the worlds will be reduced. If that power can't defeat the fiend, we will be the guilty ones."

"We are the guilty ones..." Darren murmured with a wry smile although he didn't know if his words were right or wrong. "Sir, can no one control him? Absolutely no one?"

Darren knew that there was a Sacred Palace in the Medium Spiritual World, and there were countless powerful ones in the Sacred Palace. Even the No. 138 law enforcer had the strength of the five-star grand warrior, and other law enforcers would be even stronger. So there must be someone able enough to control him.

Therefore, Darren tried to find out why they allowed Eddy to do anything. It was quite puzzling.

"I can't speculate about Lord Donald's decision-making. I'm afraid I'll die this time around. So I don't want to think too much. But it will be a pity if you too are killed. Lord Donald and the witcher master place their hopes on you. That's why I came to help you whenever I could," Lawrence said in explanation.

"Me? Are you sure? Why? I mean...yes why?" Darren didn't understand at all.

When Lawrence wanted to explain further, suddenly a dark passage appeared and several persons came out of the space passage. It was slightly macabre.

Those people, who all wore a purple armor, owned a very strong power which made them quite oppressive and intimidating.

"They are the law enforcers! They are here!" Even before Lawrence had said it, Darren had somehow already seen the identities of the visitors.

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