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   Chapter 493 An Epic Combat

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The stooping older man, whose name was Lawrence Hong, noticed something unusual, so he immediately turned and looked at the blood-red body.

"A holy body?"

Lawrence Hong started feeling slightly scared, for he realized it was a holy body lying on the stone table.


A huge dark golden rune was unleashed by Lawrence, aiming at and hitting the blood-red body.

However, the blood-red body only stepped back 100 feet and it stabilized itself again, as if Lawrence's dark golden rune was a minor incident.

Lawrence's eyebrows furrowed tightly at the minimum effect his golden rune had on the blood-red body. At this stage, he realized what his disciple had been doing for the past thousands of years.

"Do you by any chance try to enter into the holy body and control it? Is that what you want?"

"Geezer, you are completely wrong. It is not that I want to enter into the holy body. The truth is I have already entered into the holy body and I completely control it now. Unfortunately, it hasn't completely absorbed the pure Primitive Feminine Bloodline, so it does not have any skin at all as you can see. It is indeed an ugly body, but as long as I can use it, I still use it." After entering into the ugly blood-red body, the transparent person seemed not to be afraid of anything at all. He was absolutely fearless, and perhaps that was what was scaring Lawrence.

"Eddy, you'd better not act recklessly. Let go of him right away. Only then will I give your another chance. But only then." Lawrence was compromising with Eddy only on this condition.

"Old bastard, don't go and be silly now. Don't you think it is a little too late to become scared now? For so many years, I have always existed only as a soul, but you don't even know why, am I right? I bet! Now that I'm feeling generous, let me tell you the reason. I was born a soul creature. And, except for the body at the stage of the Holy Realm, no other bodies are powerful enough to contain me. Absolutely none.

But once I have owned a body, my cultivation base will increase to another stage. Now, pray do tell me, how can you stop me? For the present time I want you to watch how I will swallow this man's soul in your presence!"

The combination of the blood-red body and Eddy's soul was tremendously powerful! Indeed, it was a merger made in hell!

However, this body belonged to the Primitive Feminine Body. So, in order to merge his soul with this body, he needed multiple bodies with a Primitive Feminine Bloodline as the medium for the combination to work properly. Previously, he had sent the most powerful soul hunters to kill people from the Primitive Feminine Bloodline Clan. And, although they were extremely careful, law enforcers began to investigate this issue meticulously afterwards.

As such, he hid himself and used a strategy in order to make the leader of the Red Inferno Sect continue collecting Primitive Feminine Bloodlines for him, and it worked.

Eddy had concocted a lie which was that after absorbing the Primitive Feminine Bloodline, a person could grasp the Primitive Feminine True Rule. The lie was all in order to enable Oliver to work for him. However, this lie sounded perfect to everyone, ther


"Ugh! Argh!"

Eddy was in so much pain that he growled endlessly.

"Eddy, you do not deserve to live in this world. It is now time for you to receive your due retribution. It is high time too!"

Golden runes were now all over Lawrence's body, and a hand solidified by the runes suddenly appeared between his eyebrows, reaching out for Eddy, who was still in a lot of pain.

"Old bastard, do you have any idea why the Sacred Palace has not allowed you to kill me, huh? I bet you have no clue!"

Eddy stabbed Lawrence's large hand and the rule turbulent flows endlessly with the spear. Even though he was obviously at a disadvantage, he was entirely unconcerned, as if he was certain he would win this battle.

"I don't know what those people have been thinking, and I don't want to know. The only thing I am certain of is that you will absolutely die today, mark my words Eddy," Lawrence replied, indifferently. He was truly not interested to know why the Sacred Palace had not allowed him to kill Eddy, or so Eddy thought.

"Ha-ha, it is not that you don't want to know Lawrence. Actually, the case is that you are not qualified to know the reason. Now I will tell you why, see how I'm being generous?"

"World Upgrade now!"

Eddy's body and Lawrence's large hand attacked each other on and on, but Eddy stopped moving all of a sudden after he mumbled that command.

A blood-red cover suddenly appeared all over Eddy's body. Out of nowhere, Lawrence's attack could no longer hurt Eddy in any way.

Lawrence was shocked, but not because Eddy's defense became stronger all of a sudden, but due to the words he had said, the command he ordered.

Witnessing this epic combat made Darren and Horace exceedingly frightened. Before the end of the fight, Lawrence abruptly stopped attacking and stared at Eddy's blood-red body, with a trembling face. There was a look of disbelief in his eyes. It was as if he wanted to shout 'It cannot be!'

"So you are the one who grasped this skill. Eddy, don't be impetuous. Please take it back as fast as you can! It is not trivial!" It suddenly seemed as if Lawrence was begging Eddy.

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