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   Chapter 492 The Extremely Powerful Rule Cultivator (Part Two)

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The transparent man's voice was full of fear and disbelief. It seemed that he was overwhelmed by the older man's presence.

"Master!" His voice was full of venom and menace rather than of respect when he greeted the older man. It was evident that he feared and loathed the older man at the same time.

"Master? How dare you call me master!" the older man shouted in a stone-cold voice as he reciprocated the transparent man's stare with another vicious gaze.

"Hahahaha!" To the old man's surprise, the transparent man started to laugh maniacally. "You finally came! You haven't come for me for thousands of years, why are you here all of a sudden? To kill me? That made me wonder why?"

"You don't have to know why. I can kill you myself if I want to!" The older man's voice was full of contempt and determination. It was clear that all he wanted right now was for the transparent man to be killed.

"Ha! Let me guess. You are here for him, am I right?" The transparent man reckoned while pointing his shabby finger at Darren. Then he added, "Tell me who this guy is, that he even made you come here?"

"I won't repeat myself for the third time. You don't have the right to know," the older man scorned.

"Humph. Do you really think that you can kill me? Besides, even if you can kill me, don't you fear that the Sacred Palace will give you trouble for that? Have you forgotten the order of the Sacred Palace?" As the transparent man reminded the older man about the order, he didn't seem to be worried that the older man killing him.

"You know very well the Sacred Palace's order. Do you really think that the Sacred Palace will protect you when you don't have the value they need?" The older man smirked coldly as a response to the transparent man.

After hearing this, the look on the transparent man's face changed. He froze as if he suddenly thought of something important, and he shouted angrily at the older man, "Do you believe that this guy can replace

d the place, it would have already been entirely shattered by now.

"They are just too powerful, each of them! Judging from their powers, I guess they can even fight a seven-star martial arts grand warrior," reckoned Horace.

"Maybe you are right. They are indeed very powerful," responded Rocky.

As warriors, Horace and Rocky both knew that a seven-star grand warrior was a threat to everyone. If a seven-star grand warrior was triggered to a fight, he would probably break the whole Bottom Spiritual World with just one blow!

"Look! The transparent man is about to lose," exclaimed Rocky while pointing at the battle scene where the transparent man was lying flat on his back.

During their fight, the transparent man was trashed and trampled by the older man again and again. But each time, he had recovered and stood still firm and fighting. This time, the older man used another true rule, directly suppressing his broken body.

"Damn it! Lawrence, you old bastard! You make me do it! You have to die now!" A vicious and angry voice echoed in this empty space, along with the colossal blow of golden runes. The dungeon was shaken and was on the verge of being shattered.

On the stone table, the withered blood-red body moved—its arms, its legs, its head, and all the shriveled body parts came to life.

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