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   Chapter 491 The Extremely Powerful Rule Cultivator (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-10 02:25

As the burning rage inflamed in his eyes, the transparent man charged at Darren, aiming straight at his head. The assault was made with the man's ultimate goal of taking Darren's soul out and assimilating it on his own—selfish and ruthless at the same time.

There, lying helpless on the ground, Darren didn't have the ability nor the frailest strength to resist his opponent's attack at all. He was so weak and stiffened that all he could do was give up and let the transparent man get in his head.


In excess of the excruciating pain, Darren's head started to spin. The world seemed to be shaking as he lay there flat on his back. More diabolical than that, a compelling aura of soul seemed to be squeezing and pressing on his brain.


A cry of pain echoed in Darren's brain and was voiced out in his parched mouth. In the next second, a twisted and transparent figure emerged from Darren's brain. The figure was hunched in an arch-like shape as if he was severely hurt.

"How powerful!"

While he was throwing out the words, the transparent man calmed a little and returned to his normal state. He praised and commended Darren's soul in an awed tone saying, "Young man, you have a mighty soul. It's frightening to know such a man possessing such an overpowering soul. I am lucky to have met you today, haha! Yet, the bad news for you is, no matter how dominating your soul is, it belongs to me now! Pity, you can do nothing about it." While his mouth twitched in mocking Darren, the transparent man sounded full of mirth and excited for a good catch—Darren's powerful soul.

Wasting no time, with a snatch of his bare hand, he directly grabbed hold of Darren's soul. With all his might, he was trying desperately to get the young warrior's soul separated from his earthly body.

"Get out, you little thing! Don't make this hard for me!" the transparent man yakked while pulling the foreboding soul out. At the onset, Darren

nsparent man sneered in a disdained tone. Letting out a curse, a pale golden rune was aimed at Horace and Rocky at a breakneck speed.

Caught unprepared, Horace and Rocky were both stunned and mesmerized to say a word. The pale golden runes were like an attack from a god, supreme, and stalwart. The assault made them freeze in place while holding on to their breaths. They couldn't do anything else but stare at the pale golden light in consternation, waiting to be knocked dead.

"You bastard! Stop what you are doing right now."

At that juncture, the air inside the dungeon started to shake, and an older man appeared from non-existent.

With just a straightforward wave of his hand, the pale golden runes disappeared and were completely erased along Horace and Rocky's path.

Right at the very same time, a golden light shone in the older man's eyes, and an arrow made of shimmering golden runes was shot aimed towards the transparent man.


With a deafening sound, the attack sent the transparent man flying. With that, Darren's soul was retrieved back in his body again.

Yet, the battle had not come to an end. After a short while, the transparent man was back on his feet. This time, he looked even viler as he stared at the older man with eyes widened in shock and fright.

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