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   Chapter 490 It Was Him (Part Two)

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"Alas! I did not expect that I can be attached to you and be grateful to you in the end. It should be destiny, and our fates are entwined. Besides, you have such surprising skills and brilliant potential at such a young age. You will surely grow into a great master in the future. It is a waste of good talent if you die.

But, now it seems that none of us could escape from here,"

Horace said calmly after praising and commending Darren.

On that occasion, while Horace and Darren were lost in their conversation, another dark greenish soul attack went shooting in the air, aiming at no other than Darren.

This time, the soul attack was so swift and disastrous that the naked eyes couldn't perceive it. Darren was not able to avoid it at all, and he was caught entirely unprepared. He was held frozen at the moment. All he did was watch the runes rush into his brain.


At the impingement, Darren's body quivered violently, making him staggered and lost his balance. He thought his head was about to explode because of the searing pain. Feeling so hurt, he could not help rolling and crawling in the ground. Amidst the pain, a sense of familiarity crept through his thoughts. He seemed to have a familiar experience before that caused him the same painful experience.

"It's him! The one who attacked me in the demonic monster domain!"

Now that the memories flashed back on his mind, Darren understood why even the strange stone in his head could not block the soul attack. It was because of that guy!

Just in front of Darren, Horace and Rocky were held dazed and stood there looking at him. Their minds had completely blacked out at the turn of events, and they could do nothing to help Darren even if they wanted to. What they did, as their bodies suddenly felt numb and stiff, was to watch Darren roll on the ground. But to the cultivators' surprise, Darren was still alive and did not die after such an omnipotent attack. After all, he was attacked by such a desolating and destructive soul attack.

Although the strange stone in Darren's head could not

of the Soul Hunter Sect was a Soul Saint, who died thousands of years ago!" Horace had searched and read plenty of information about the Soul Hunter Sect. That was the reason why he knew this fact.

"Why would I bother to explain this to you, a weak ant? Now, shut up and let me swallow that young man's tasty and powerful soul."

Finishing off with his words, a transparent human-like figure appeared. Without much haste, the figure dashed in the direction of Darren with a firm and steady flight.

At that moment, being bound under the attack made by the man earlier, Darren's soul was like pinned by millions of needles. One move and a searing pain would be felt. He was almost passing out and did not have any strength to fight back against the figure.

"Young man, before you die, give me that body containing the Primitive Feminine Bloodline. Do you understand?" the transparent figure said as he looked down on Darren, who was nearly unconscious on the ground.

"No!" with a frail and almost inaudible voice, Darren uttered one word through his gritted teeth.

"Good. That's very good. You are such a stubborn kid! I guess I just have to consume your soul and crush your small world to take it! Don't you think that's a good idea? Haha!" The transparent figure's eyes glowed with a cruel expression. In a quick instant, he rushed towards Darren like a wolf marking his food.

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