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   Chapter 489 It Was Him (Part One)

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An unnatural chill crept through their skins like goose bumps, and a stench smell of something rotting lingered through their senses. Inside the dungeon, where the air was damp, and the light was dim, Darren, together with the grand-elders, sifted through the blood-drained, withered body.

After being repeatedly attacked, that body did not show any deformities nor injuries—still a stiff, dead-like body. Yet, what bothered them was, all of them, including Darren, could hear clearly and vividly the snoring sound that revealed from the body, and even the loud beating of the body's heart.

Everyone went cautious and vigilant, preparing themselves for anything unpredictable. On one end, Darren patiently waited for a short moment. Then, finding nothing dangerous, he took a deep breath and was about to go and free his sister.

However, after he took a series of steps, an odd, whistling sound was heard.

Out of nowhere, a dark green attack was abruptly launched in the air, making them gasped in surprise. The runes were whirling and tumbling in the air creating a towering mist and soon rushed into Louis's head, right between his eyes.

"Ahhhhrggghhh!" immediately after the potent attack hit him, Louis moaned painfully.

With the impact of the colossal force, the elder fell on the ground as aftermath. His head was drenched in blood as the veins on his forehead twitched horribly. After a few seconds, he struggled on the ground bearing the agonizing pain. He had his hands covering his eyes for the blinding pain made him see nothing at all. In a split second, he lay still and motionless on the ground—he was definitely dead.


Shocked and dazed at what happened all of a sudden, the other two grand-elders bellowed in the pain of losing their fellow.

Both of them went over to revive Louis back to life, hopefully. However, the moment they sensed that his soul had gone and turned into nothing but part of the endless void in the afterlife, the two grand-elders gave their hopes up.

Louis had a powerful soul, yet now he was killed in a blink of an eye. Darren and the other two grand-elders, who were just behind Louis, weren't a

dden in the dark was too powerful, and he did not stand a chance once he launched an unexpected attack on him.

"Sir, thank you for everything," Darren said to Horace while he bowed to him with utmost adoration. He disregarded the enemy lurking in the shadows right now. He took a moment to express his gratitude towards Horace for his unselfish efforts on helping him out.

"Master, what are you doing?" asked Horace in a confused tone.

"We did not know each other for long. At the start, I let you submit to me by force, but you do not hate me in return. On the contrary, you helped me a lot and even risked your life for my sake. Please accept my respect," with reverence to Horace, Darren said while he bent his knee and bowed to Horace again.

What Horace had done a moment ago had deeply touched Darren. Admittedly, it would take a loyal disciple to do that for his master. Darren was confident that Horace was sincere in offering his services, and the young martial artist appreciated such acts in return.

Though the fact remained that Darren could control their lives, no one would be benevolent enough to let someone escape from such a dangerous place, and such a perilous situation and put their own lives on the line. Yet, Horace did—indeed, a magnanimous act. At the same time, the three grand-elders did not know Darren for long too. However, they had learned to trust him as he had proved himself worthy along the way.

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