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   Chapter 488 Blood-red Body

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They opened the dungeon door. When Darren tried to step into the dungeon, a ray of scarlet light suddenly shot at them, forcing him to take a few steps back. It was a very strong force. He almost fell.

"What is this? I've never encountered anything like it!" Darren turned around and asked the grand-elders as he looked at them in surprise, hoping they had an answer.

"This is such a weird aura. There are no restrictions in this dungeon. Where does this aura come from I wonder? It's truly puzzling!" The grand-elders also did not have a clue. They were just as baffled as Darren.

"Let's go inside first. Maybe we'll understand it better once we're inside." Darren did not care what it was, instead he walked straight into the dungeon, throwing caution to the wind.

The dungeon was a gigantic space, full of red mist which could not be penetrated by Spirit Power or spiritual sense. Darren could only grope his way forward and he could not sense that there were any people in this dungeon. It was merely a large empty space.

"What happened in the dungeon?"

"Master, you have to be careful. This is quite unusual. Take Oliver's death into consideration, it must be very dangerous here, please be careful master,"

Horace warned Darren with a fearful voice.

Darren was groping his way forward. It seemed like he did not hear what Horace had said. At this point, he only wanted to find his sister and make sure she was safe and sound. That was all that mattered to him.

"Rocky and Louis, let's use our rule power to disperse the mist. I'm sure it must work."

The grand-elders used their rule power together, but the red mist had only been dispersed for 10 feet and it soon converged back again.

"It does not work. We'd better just follow the master and see where we end up." Horace shook his head.

The visibility was very poor. Darren walked forward in the red mist, not knowing where he was going. He felt he had already lost his way.

A few hours had passed.

"Fuck this shit!"

Darren roared, worriedly. Then, he turned around and suddenly grabbed one grand-elder by the collar very aggressively.

"Where is my sister? Tell me now! Where is she? Speak up man!"

Seeing Darren this furious, Horace yelled at him, "Master, please calm down! Please, try to calm down, master! We also don't know what happened. How does it help if you become angry? Anger won't solve anything, master!"

Darren settled down a little and let go of the grand-elder, realizing that Horace was right.

"What can I do now? Where is my sister? I must find my sister." It seemed that Darren had lost all his strength and did not know what to do now. He was disheartened and felt as if he was out of options.

"Rocky and Louis, spread out and look for her. We need to cover the entire dungeon." Horace unleashed a gentle Spirit Power to pacify Darren, and gave an order to the other two grand-elders. He tried to maintain the energetic balance of everyone.

"Yes, Brother."

"Take care. We don't know what could be hiding in this dungeon."

Several more hours had passed, but they did not find anything at all. There were hundreds of peopl

lden runes sparkled. It was quite a large stone table.

Darren looked over. There were many human bodies on the stone table, forming a circle, and there was one more human body in the center of the circle. The blood-red body seemed like a person whose skin was removed. The entire scene was repulsive.

What was more, above the blood-red body, a girl was hanging by a thread condensed by rule power. Drops of blood dripped from the heart of the girl into the mouth that was open of the blood-red body. There was blood everywhere.


Looking at the girl with a pale face, Darren was absolutely furious! His fists clenched and his jaw tightened.

Grunt! Grunt!

When Darren tried to dash towards the stone table, the blood-red body began to snore. Darren did not know what to make of that.

"Is it alive? Is it breathing?"

The grand-elders were surprised and stopped Darren immediately. He resisted them, but then realized they were right.

"Master, please calm down. Let us explore it first. We don't know what is going on here."

Louis was the first to attack the body with a Storm Loop. Darren and the rest just stood there and watched.

What happened next shocked everyone as they never expected it.

Louis's Storm Loop was so powerful that it even had hurt the Water Kylin before. However, when it attacked the blood-red body, nothing happened and the storm disappeared like a breeze, as if the body could not be touched or moved by any power.

"Without protection by any Defense Array, it can discharge Louis's attack with ease. Such a horrible body! Just awful, awful!"

At the same time, in the forbidden area of the Red Inferno Sect, a corpse in a yellow robe floated up and down, as if it was being manipulated by an invisible hand. It was a very strange sight.

"Ah? Damned bastards, how dare you break into the place where I put my body? Such nerve you have! You all deserve to die." Cold murmurs came from the distance.

After that, a ray of macroscopic dark-green light pierced through the empty space, directly shooting at the dungeon where they all were.

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