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   Chapter 487 Carey Was Dead (Part Two)

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The basic true rule was also called the true rule prototype. Their names were different, but they were at the same level.

While Darren was unseen, he was still observing Carey, who was standing in a defensive posture ready to launch an attack anytime. Unfortunately, Darren couldn't find the perfect timing to attack, because Carey's Spirit Power was just too powerful. Darren thought that the moment he reappeared and came after Carey, there would be a big chance that Carey could resist his attack and fight back.

Now, however, Darren celebrated with the little victory in scaring Carey. Albeit, he knew he couldn't kill him with one blow.

"Master, let me kill him for you," while he was observing them in the shadows, Horace asked Darren again. Judging from their fight, he had a premonition that Darren couldn't kill Carey.

"No. I will kill this guy by myself. I just have to waste my precious treasures on him," using his spiritual sense, Darren replied and was ready to attack.


At the release of his power, the air started shaking, an olive-black force along with the dark gold internal force was shot out of thin air. At the onset, Darren also reappeared along with the two forces.

"Ha! I thought you possessed some powerful skills. Yet, what was that? Your hiding skill is just a piece of trash! Do you really believe that you can kill me with that? You are too naive!" Feeling Darren's existence again made Carey feel more assured of his victory. Darren's attacks couldn't break his defense, and all his future attacks wouldn't break his front as well, he thought.

"You are awfully wrong, young master! It is, in fact, effortless to kill you!"

The instant that Darren was just an inch away from Carey, he took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring and yelled, "Rule power blockade!"

Hearing these words, Carey immediately paled in fright. He shouted in a crazy tone, "Where's my rule power? Why did the rules I mastered disappear?" He almost couldn't believe what was happening at the moment.


Before Carey's rule

dly, its use is limited to three times only. Now it's completely useless." Holding the jade bottle in his hand and eyeing it with longing and regret, Darren shook his head, for he knew he had lost a strong skill and could do nothing about it.

"Come on, let's go to the dungeon," motioning to Horace, Darren said with a determined voice. He didn't want to waste more time. Thus he hastily turned around and walked out.

"Yes, master." Horace nodded his head and followed Darren out.

After walking through countless secret channels and coming across several arrays, they finally arrived in front of the dungeon.

Standing in front of the gate, Darren used his spiritual sense to send a message to the other two grand-elders. The box that contained the third key needed the three grand-elders together to open.

Soon enough, the box was opened, and Darren had with him securely the three keys. He was getting excited and exuberant at the same time, for he knew he was holding in his hands the keys to his sister's freedom. With firm conviction and determined spirit, Darren was ready to open the dungeon.

"I hope you are safe, Belle," Darren mumbled to himself in a small voice. That was his prayer, hoping that his sister was safe, sound and unharmed—most especially alive. Then, taking a deep breath, Darren held on to the keys and opened the door to the dungeon.

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