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   Chapter 486 Carey Was Dead (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-09 02:26

As he was preparing himself to face Carey again, Darren transformed back into Kaleb's appearance. Together with Horace, he walked towards the secret chamber with swift and steady steps, determined not to make an early announcement of his arrival to Carey. On their way, they came across some Restriction Arrays, but Horace dealt with them smoothly and efficiently.

Soon enough, they were on Carey's secret chamber, after one of a hidden rule-powered door opened. Darren walked in first.

Adjusting his sight, he glanced around the room. As his visions get accustomed to the place, his gaze fell on Carey, who was on the far corner of the chamber.

In his hands, he was holding two keys. The young master was silently thinking about how to get the other key in the box with a deep frown on his face. All of a sudden, he felt an odd presence as if someone was coming towards him. As the presence drew near, he immediately turned his head to see who the intruder was.

"Huh? How did you come in here?" a hoarse and raspy voice came out of his mouth as Carey asked. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Kaleb, and it was as if a ghost was standing in front of him. Seeing the man that he presumed to be dead, the young master couldn't help but have a horrible feeling.

"I'm here to help you get the key, young master," offering to lend a helping hand, Darren answered calmly. A faint yet mocking smile was portrayed on his face.

"How dare you! I am commanding you, get out of here. Leave right now!" with his trembling hand pointing at the door, Carey shouted at Darren. Secretly he was wondering what might happen and why Elder Hugh hadn't killed Kaleb. Why didn't he do it? Did something happen, and Kaleb killed Elder Hugh instead?

A ton of questions were on his mind. Yet, in the meantime, he was secretly sending a message and summoning Elder Hugh to make sure everything was alright.

But much to his disappointment, Elder Hugh didn't heed to his call. Worst was, there was no trace of his existence, and it made Carey feel anxious and worried. He was starting to panic right now. Caught at

around Darren all of a sudden. Each of them was powerful, and they all targeted Darren's avatars.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In a split second, a few of Darren's avatars were shattered by the dry claws and disappeared into thin air like early morning dew.

"Air-integrated True Rule!" The corners of Darren's lips lifted into a cold smirk. Frustrated at the loss of his avatars, he directly used the prototype form of true rule and camouflaged in the air so Carey couldn't find him.

"What? Where is he?"

Realized that Darren was nowhere to be found, Carey felt shocked and panicked that he suddenly couldn't feel Darren's presence. The fact that he had an invisible opponent right now made him feel even more anxious.

In fact, Carey, whose Spirit Power was at level twenty-six, could still faintly feel Darren's existence just now when he used the Hurricane Teleportation Skill. But now, it was like that Darren completely disappeared. He couldn't feel his presence at all, no matter how hard he tried.

'Basic true rule! That bastard can also use the basic true rule!' The look on Carey's face immediately changed. Especially now that he realized he couldn't underestimate Darren's powers and skills. All this time, Carey thought that Darren was just an ordinary martial artist not capable of doing something extraordinary. Yet, now, the young master realized that Darren was even more potent.

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