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   Chapter 485 Get The Key (Part Two)

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"Young master, I also heard a new piece of information when I was eavesdropping. I heard one of the grand-elders saying that this box could only be opened in the presence of two other keys. Other than that, even the sect leader was not powerful enough to open it. The two other keys were essential to open this box." Now that he was certain that Carey was not able to open the box, Darren just made up any lies that he wanted Carey to believe.

"Are you actually sure about that? This is the first time I hear of this." Carey stared at Darren, looking very suspicious. He tried to hide the murderous intent in his eyes again.

"Yes, that is what I heard back then when I was stealing the key. They were conferring about how to kill you before the sect leader finishes his closed-door cultivation, and that's when I heard it," Darren responded with a sincere and genuine look on his face, hoping that Carey would buy his story.

"Those old pricks, I knew it! They want to overthrow me. When I have mastered the inferior true rule, I shall have them killed instantly! A horrible death is what they will get! Plotting against me now? Oh I shall have no mercy for them!" Carey shouted with a snort, as a strong murderous intent and fury burnt at the bottom of his heart. He was enraged.

"Wait a minute. Something is off. Tell me now? They did not spot you when you listened in on them? I despise them, but I also know them to be extremely powerful. How did they not sense your presence at the time? That is highly irregular and unlike them." Carey's tone grew colder and deeper while staring at Darren in a deadly manner.

Carey's suspicion was well-founded not just from Darren's response. He had done something with the invisible cloak, which enabled him to sense the presence of Darren. However his aura disappeared completely without a trace for some moments. And this made him more suspicious about Darren's words. That was why he was testing Darren's story.

Carey was an extremely paranoid character, and he even suspected that Kaleb had been captured by the three grand-elders and defected to their side. There was no end to Carey's paranoia.

Otherwise it would not make sense to him that Kaleb could eavesdrop on the three powerful grand-elders and steal the key with relative ease without them ever noticing it. The way Carey saw it, something must be off, and it was very likely that the Kaleb standing in front of him right now was a traitor. How Carey hated traitors!

This question also caught Darren completely off guard. Without any hesitation, he decided to ignore this question by Carey and pretended to be anxious for him instead. "Young master, at this moment, maybe we should just focus on getting the key so that you can get your training of the true rule underway before we get to anything else. After we have those with the Pri

ve entirely sealed off this space, and Carey would not sense anything if we kill him right now, but we must be swift!" Horace gave Darren the green light and Darren acknowledged it.

The reason why Darren had been having this long conversation with him was simply to buy himself some more time so that Horace could seal off this entire space. No one else would notice what was happening here now.

"Good job. Then it's your turn now. Get on with it quickly as I figure that Carey may have got the key already, go ahead now," Darren barked the order into the thin air, as the shadow looked surprised.

"Yes, master! Right away master!"

After a deferential response of acknowledgement, Horace, the grand-elder, appeared in front of the shadow, startling him and his dead eyes.

"Damn! It's you! You! You! You traitor!" The shadow panicked as his voice shook with fear.

"Your little trick of Shadow Rule is nothing but child's play before me. Now it is time for you to die! Get ready to breathe your last breath!"

Runes began to flash in Horace's hand, and without any hesitation Horace used his most powerful kill shot, and blasted space cracks at the shadow. Despite the state of the shadow, he was still reduced to pieces in an instant under the force of the space cracks.

Darren saw what was left of the shadow and he was very satisfied with the strength of his subordinate. That grand-elder was truly powerful. The shadow was in tatters now. The strength of this shadow was only slightly weaker than that of the Water Kylin. Darren would not have stood a chance against him, but Horace managed to kill him within a split second, which was indeed quite impressive to Darren. Darren was grateful to have Horace on his side now.

"Let's go and find Carey to get the key now that this is over, come on!" Darren ordered and then headed towards the chamber in the depth of Carey's palace.

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