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   Chapter 484 Get The Key (Part One)

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Darren then said everything about what had taken place, which made all the three grand-elders feel awkward and embarrassed, and they could not stop apologizing to Darren for what had happened to him. They felt truly sorry.

"What is past is already past. You had only been following the sect leader Oliver's order, and you did not know any better at the time, so I do not blame you for what had happened. Let the bygones be bygone. However, on the other hand, now that Oliver is already dead, we only need to get the keys from Carey so that we can save my sister. This is critical."

When Darren said that Oliver was already dead, all three grand-elders immediately looked shocked and incredulous. They had no news of that.

"I am sorry, did you say that Oliver is dead? Did I hear you correctly? How could it be? How could he be dead without any disturbance? I would have at least expected an earth-shattering epic battle? He can't just die like that, without any turmoil."

"Well, I am telling you the truth. Carey summoned me for a discussion about how to take care of this, and then he decided to let me steal the key from you and help him with his cultivation to reach the inferior grade of true rule so that he could kill you all. And that is the absolute truth."

"I see! So you really must be telling the truth! No wonder when I sent a message to Oliver with my spiritual sense, he did not respond, not even once. So he must have already died by that time. It all makes sense now." The three grand-elders grew rather solemn at this revelation. Even their facial expressions dramatically changed.

"Master, your sister's imprisonment is the result of the fault of the Red Inferno Sect, but we also played a part in the abduction of your sister. So this time we decided to kill Carey for you and save your sister first, and then we will surrender ourselves to any punishment that you deem necessary. Hopefully we can atone for our sins. I believe this is a just retribution.

But master, I still wish to point out to you that we three have never laid a hand on your sister, let alone hurt her. We did not know that she is you

o? I hope you were successful. I don't want to hear of any faults or errors now."

Carey looked really excited at this moment, but a killing intent flashed through his eyes for a split second when he first saw Kaleb come back. Despite Carey's excitement, it appeared he was not all what he seemed to be.

"Young master, I have already acquired the key, but it is locked inside this box, which I could not open despite my multiple attempts. Here you are. The box is yours now." Darren then fetched and handed over the box that contained the key to Carey, all while disguised as Kaleb.

This box was imbued with strong rule power, and it normally would take the power of at least three grand-elders joining together to open it by force. It was no ordinary box indeed.

Carey took the box and frowned at this realization as he probed it with his Spirit Power when it was in his hand. He knew instantly that Kaleb was telling the truth. There was indeed too much restrictive power imbued with this box, and none of the people around him were powerful enough to open it. He had to think of another solution.

"Those bastards! How did they manage to imbue the box with such a strong power anyway? What should I do with it now? I must find a way. Damn I need that key!" Carey rambled to himself while he was immersed in deep contemplation. And at this moment, he was not even thinking about killing the man in front of him.

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