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   Chapter 483 Took Them As Subordinates

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"Forgive you? How dare you ask me for forgiveness? You guys must have killed so many innocent people, to be as powerful as you are now," with a vicious voice and an angry stare, Darren yelled coldly at them.

"Sir, in this world, if one person wants to become powerful, he must be steeped in blood.

Besides, since getting the hang of the prototype of true rule, we have not been out of the Red Inferno Sect, which means we have not killed anyone for more than one hundred years. Please don't kill us. Spare us our lives, sir."

The grand-elders of the Red Inferno Sect all kowtowed to Darren as they begged him to be merciful towards them.

By rights, as grand-elders of a sect, they should have their pride and not bend a knee to a young man to beg for his forgiveness. Yet, they were left with no other alternatives at the moment, bowing down to Darren was the only way for them to save their lives.

In all truths, the way Finley manipulated the space had shocked them. Knowing that Finley was following Darren's orders, the grand-elders surrendered to him as well.

In the present circumstances, Darren had a grim expression on his face, but deep inside his heart, he was thinking about what the grand-elder said just now. He was right, and this world was governed by the laws of the jungle. To become a master warrior, a person must kill some people to prove himself worthy. The variance, however, lay in the number of people killed. That was just how it was, the survival of the fittest, and the elimination of the unfit.

"Darren, these old men are very powerful and skilled, why don't you take them as your subordinates?" Finley sent a message to Darren using his spiritual sense.

"I don't think it is possible. Yes, they are powerful and skilled, but what they had are on the extremes. How can I take them as my subordinates if I cannot control them?" Darren replied shortly.

At first, Darren actually thought it was a good idea to take them as his subordinates. Even though they had killed so many people, they would not commit the same crimes under his control, which would mean the same effect as killing them. However, he was not confident that he could control the ruthless and powerful grand-elders.

Yet, Darren thought that to save their lives, they might agree to be his subordinates. Despite that idea, Darren still had his doubts and was not totally convinced. What if they changed their minds after Darren freed them from the Ancient Void Battlefield? It was almost impossible to drag them back into the Ancient Void Battlefield once they were liberated.

"Ha-ha, don't worry about that. I often go to the tenth space these past few days, and I have obtained several wonderful skills from the defender. One of them is the Soul Control Skill. With this skill, they cannot escape from your control. But with one condition, that is they agree to be your subordinates." With an excited expression on his face, Finley sent the message to Darren using his spiritual sense.

"Soul Control Skill? Can I use it?" hearing the good news from Finley, Darren asked immediately.

"With my help, you will definitely succeed," Finley assured Da

, "But these grand-elders' rule power and Spirit Power are very powerful. Can they unbind the control by themselves?"

"Unbind the control? Stop being silly. Unless they die, the restriction will be impossible to unbind. Besides, if they ever planned to kill you, you would notice it as soon as possible, which would give you enough time to kill them in return," totally confident about the Soul Control Skill, Finley explained.

"That's very good. If that's the case, I don't need to feel worried when I ask them to do things for me," somewhat cleared from all his confusions, Darren verbalized to Finley while eyeing him with a furrowed brow.

"Guys, I am sure you have realized by now how powerful this Soul Control Skill is. I just want to get one thing straight here. If anyone of you wants to rebel or does evil things behind my back, I will not forgive you again. Remember that I can kill you instantly with just a flick of my fingers. So don't do anything beyond your bounds." While his eyes fixed at the group of grand-elders, Darren gave them a warning.

"Master, please trust us. We will try our best to assist you and never in our wildest dream will we betray you."

The three grand-elders had a very high cultivation base, so they easily fathomed that the Soul Control Skill was more potent than the control skill the Red Inferno Sect had. They knew well that if they plotted any means of rebellion or betrayal, they would unquestionably die. With that knowledge, they did not dare entertain any wicked ideas, neither in thoughts nor in their speeches.

"Good to hear that. Now, please stand up. Do you have any ideas why I caught you and why I am in the Red Inferno Sect in the first place?" While he was asking that, Darren planned to tell them the truth. Especially now that they were bounded to him as subordinates, he could tell them his plans and instruct them what to do for the next steps.

With controlling these grand-elders, things turned out to be way easier for Darren. With all the potent grand-elders on his side, it would be a piece of cake for Darren to save his sister.

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