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   Chapter 482 Finley Is Powerful (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-08 09:30

"What the hell is it? What on earth? It's the force from a small space! Block his rule power! Quick! Quick! Hurry up now!"

The three old men realized what was happening only when the violent piercing force had reached them. But alas, it was already too late for them to take any action. Under a huge dragging force, they all disappeared from the secret room in a fraction of an instant. The force was like a black hole, leaving no strong cultivators behind, except perhaps one of their cloaks.

Now it became Finley's job to deal with the three old men, who had currently been transmitted into the Ancient Void Battlefield. And Finley was looking forward to it.

"Finley, I have transmitted three old guys into the Ancient Void Battlefield. They are hard nuts to crack. Entertain our guests with everything you're capable of! This is your specialty!"

Darren came into the Ancient Void Battlefield as well. At the exact moment he talked to Finley with his spiritual sense, the latter appeared in front of him like a ray of lightning. Finley looked inquiringly at Darren.

"Why are you so fond of inviting unexpected guests for me to treat, Darren? I don't like entertaining people! You should bring me some gifts for the hard work I do here. Do you know how exhausting it is to teach those dreadful warriors a lesson by kicking their asses, dude? Maybe you should take my place to know how exhausting it really is!" said Finley with a cheeky grin.

"I'm the owner of the Ancient Void Battlefield. You live here and breathe the spiritual energy here. Didn't you feel ashamed when you spoke those words? Don't you have any pride? What's more, dude, you've consumed all my magic herbs. You should show your gratitude that I haven't yet found fault with you for that reason or asked you to replace all my magic herbs." Darren returned Finley's smile with a much more brilliant one.

The three old men watched the two young lads chatting and joking with each other with wide eyes. They did not understand a thing of what was taking place.

"Are you really the controller of this small space?"

"We don't know who you are, nor do we care to know. You'd better let us out of this weird space, otherwise we'll r

visible on the faces of the three elderly warriors, as they had already experienced the dreadful forces inside the space crack. And now they feared Finley, who had managed to bring them back from the space crack.

"Your spatial skill is so strong. How did you learn all that? No, it's impossible! No one can have such a powerful spatial skill! It's just impossible!"

"Your spatial skills are nothing in front of me, old guys! Let me show you what real spatial skills are! Watch closely now!"

Finley fetched a piece of space with his hand. Then he folded it several times, tore it off into strips, and kneaded it together as if he were playing with a piece of paper. The three grand-elders watched with wide, amazed eyes. Finley knew his audience was bewitched.

"Uh, Wow...That's...That's... unbelievable!" sighed the grand-elder, who was able to use some spatial rules, but not like Finley.

He felt so excited that tears came to his eyes. He could not believe such skill existed.

"There is no hatred between us, sir. Would you please forgive our arrogance and let us go? We mean you no harm."

The three grand-elders felt shocked and admired Finley's powerful spatial skills. They addressed him with respect and begged for mercy. They were humbled before Finley now.

"There is no use begging for my mercy, old guys. You have to ask him, the owner of this world, not me." Finley shrugged at the three old men while casting a direct knowing look at Darren.

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