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   Chapter 481 Finley Is Powerful (Part One)

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"Oh? It's a legendary beast all right, but it seems much more powerful than a three-star martial grand warrior at his top level."

The three grand-elders felt surprised at the sight of the Water Kylin. He came out of nowhere and was huge.

"No matter why you are here, you'll die for your rashness. This is a promise. The blood of a legendary beast is precious, after all. We'll thank god for the gift he sent us. You are no match for us!"

The old man with the highest cultivation base among the three cultivators stared at the Water Kylin with extreme excitement. His eyes showed no trace of fear at all. He was full of confidence.

"You want to kill me and take my blood? I don't even think you have the smallest chance of victory over me even if you three fight me together!" sneered the Water Kylin with arrogance. He was full of hubris. Suddenly, he then attacked the three old men without any warning. He lunged at them and fought them.

"You're indeed a rash beast. Since you showed no respect and awe before your senior warriors, let us give you a lesson to learn how to speak and behave yourself before us. Let's give him a heavy beating, brothers!" said the same old man to the other two younger cultivators by his side. They looked at him in agreement, as they shared his opinion.

The three senior cultivators focused to rally their rule power. The whole space in the secret room stirred all of a sudden. Then numerous space cracks formed around the Water Kylin, besieging him right in the center. The storm of space cracks twirled and twirled around the Water Kylin.

"Damn it! Those space cracks have absorbed all my attack forces. And the force of the space cracks is so strong that it keeps pulling at me without stop. Damn all to hell and back!" murmured the Water Kylin to himself, struggling to free himself from the space cracks.

Surrounded by countless space cracks, all the attacks of the Water Kylin were fruitless as they were all sucked into the seemingly fathomless cracks with a huge force. Though the Water Kylin was mighty in physical strength, those widening gaps in the space kept pulling at and even tearing his body as each second passed by. The Water Kylin kept fighting to free himself with all his

er turn, a fierce one.

"The Water Kylin is in desperate danger," whispered Darren to himself, deeply worried.

He had been observing the fight since the very beginning. The three old men had put all their attention on the battle to the extent that they never imagined that there was another guy watching them in secret all the time. Darren was hiding very well from them, and the three old men were fully absorbed in combat.

Darren was unable to fight when he transformed himself into the state of air. Nevertheless, he still had the ability to use his force of control. He could manifest himself once he initiated the Ancient Void Battlefield. And that was exactly what he would do, Darren thought.

"Ancient Void Battlefield, open now!" shouted Darren assertively.

With his fierce roar, his image emerged from the air. A violent piercing force formed in a mere second. The force was so strong it felt as if the air almost shook.

Since the Ancient Void Battlefield had been activated, there was no way for the three grand-elders to seal it again. Only those with a force equal to that of the Giant Ape might have a try at it. And there were very few with a force equal to that of the Giant Ape. On the other hand, if warriors with an ability like that of the Giant Ape were sucked into the Ancient Void Battlefield, it would mean great trouble for Darren as the small world would be completely destroyed to the point of no return. So Darren had to be very careful whom he fought.

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