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   Chapter 480 Planned for A Sneak Attack

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"Have I been discovered?" Darren's heart was beating fast. He then quickly employed the Air-integrated True Rule and integrated into the air.

"What's wrong, Louis?"

"I'm not quite sure... I sensed someone was here for a second. I might be wrong..." The grand elder trailed off as he dragged his gaze around.

Darren's chest suddenly felt lighter as he breathed a sigh of relief. He surmised that the Spirit Power of the grand elders was at least at the twenty-sixth level, which was why one of them almost found him. Thankfully, they were no longer able to sense him after he used the prototype of true rule.

"The invisible cloak is not reliable on its own. They definitely would have caught me if it weren't for the Air-integrated True Rule."

Darren was able to tell from the grand elders' auras that their rule power was much more powerful than that of the other five elders'. If he were to be caught, he would not have any chance of surviving.

"Hmm... I don't know why, but I've been feeling somewhat unsettled recently."

"Louis, don't worry about it. Let's start now."

Another grand elder then waved his hand and the door sealed by the rule power opened.

"This is my chance!" Darren's eyes flashed in delight. He quickly fluttered inside and followed them.

Once Darren entered the room, he immediately got a whiff of the strong coppery scent of blood permeating in the air inside the room. The scent seeped into his nose as he was still integrated into the air.

"Agh! So many corpses!" Darren exclaimed, eyes wide in shock.

There were over one hundred corpses and over one hundred live people who were hanging in iron chains in this backroom.

"Several more people with the Primitive Feminine Bloodline have died. I'm not quite sure whether the rest of them would be enough for us to cultivate the Primitive Feminine True Rule," one of the grand elders said, sighing as he looked at the corpses on the ground.

"Oliver will finish his closed-door training soon. If we did not grasp the true rule, it would be impossible for us to usurp him from his position. As a matter of fact, he would probably go and kill us first before we even have the chance to seize him."

"Alas! We have not detained enough people with Primitive Feminine Bloodline. Oliver has a lot more of them than we do. Even if we grasped the true rule, we could not defeat him."

Darren's heart almost leaped out of his chest as he heard the grand elders' conversation. All the people that the grand elders secretly kept inside the room were from the Primitive Feminine Bloodline Clan. As such, it was highly likely that his sister was

," the Water Kylin replied.

Eight hours passed and Darren could use the Air-integrated True Rule again. He headed back to the Underground Palace.

This time, aside from stealing the key, he also wanted to kill the three powerful rule cultivators.

After entering the backroom, Darren found the grand elders sitting in a small pool of blood with runes sparkling on their bodies. It was obvious that they were cultivating.

Nevertheless, Darren did not use the Ancient Void Battlefield at once. Because he knew even if a powerful rule cultivator was cultivating, his Spirit Power was still very sensitive. Darren did not want to take any risks.

"Get ready to attack them with all your strength!" Darren sent the message to the Water Kylin using his spiritual sense.

"Copy that."

Darren then released the Water Kylin.


An enormous aura suddenly enveloped the whole room.

The backroom was filled with blue lightning.

The room would have been broken into pieces if it were not guarded by a mighty rule power. If the Water Kylin had attacked using his full strength, even the space outside would be guaranteed to collapse.

"Time to die!" The Water Kylin did not think of the three old men as powerful, so he directly attacked them with his blue lightning and his huge claws.

However, a terrifying black crack suddenly appeared in the backroom, swallowing Water Kylin's attacks.

"Where did you come from, you monster? How dare you sneak into the backroom and attack us behind our backs!"

The grand elders, who had been unconscious, were immediately woken up. Their reactions were too fast—the water Kylin's quiet attacks were immediately blocked by a space crack.

The three grand elders were indeed extremely powerful.

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