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   Chapter 479 Slipped Into The Underground Palace (Part Two)

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Outside the secret chamber, hidden in the shadows, Darren heard all of these words. After he had heard enough, he withdrew his Spirit Power for him not to be discovered by Carey.

"He is such a vicious bastard! But I am not the die-hard Kaleb; I am Darren!" Vexed at the moment, Darren uttered with the anger of murderous intent. Then he hurried off and was lost in the darkness.

A couple of hours passed, and Darren came back to his residence. Using the map given to him by Carey, he started to study how to steal the key. After all, though he knew where his little sister was, he couldn't get her out of bondage without the keys.

"I must cultivate the prototype of the Air-integrated True Rule to make sure that I would succeed in this task." After the spying that he had done, Darren knew that Carey rigged the invisibility cloak, so he would not use the cloak all the way. Also, the invisibility cloak was not so powerful and useful, compared with the Air-integrated True Rule. Besides, the chances of getting discovered and caught were higher if he would put on the invisibility cloak.

"But how did the master of the Red Inferno Sect die? It was so strange." The master's strange death prompted Darren's mind all of a sudden. It made him wonder and think about the incident.

"Anyways, what mattered to me right now is to save my little sister out of that place." With that thought in mind, Darren shut off the master's strange death out of his head. He focused his attention on studying the prototype of the Air-integrated True Rule again.

The Air-integrated True Rule, as its name implied, could allow a cultivator to integrate into the air. That was to say, the cultivator's body would become part of the air. No one could attack the cultivator unless he or she was discovered.

Moreover, the prototype of the Air-integrated True Rule that was comprehended by the cultivator himself could be further cultivated and develop into the level of the complete Air-integrated True Rule.

On one end, if the prototype of the Air-integrated True Rule, had developed into an inferior true rule, the cultivator could integrate their body with the space

r, Darren felt hopeless and helpless at the same time. He didn't anticipate that he would be facing such a hindrance, and he felt very disappointed about this.

Ta-ta, ta-ta…

At that very moment of desolation, a gentle sound of footsteps echoed in the Underground Palace; three strong but different auras were approaching Darren from behind.

"Brother, you said you had received words from the master before. What do you mean?" asked one of the three grand-elders.

"I am not sure if that was true or not, and the voice was muffled. It sounds like the master was seeking help, but I have no idea about that. Out of fear, I responded to him, but the master did not react after. Thus, I thought it was bizarre, and I just kept my silence. I was afraid something disturbed him. After all, I cannot afford to pay the price and bear the severe punishment," reiterated the other grand-elder.

Hearing the voices, Darren hid in a corner gingerly with his invisibility cloak over him. He watched the three grand-elders walk in the Underground Palace.

"Wait! There is something wrong in the Underground Palace," warned one of the three grand-elders whose face was paled and suspicious. Suddenly, one of the three grand-elders became aware of the unusual aura and frowned. His sharp eyes were shining the light of strong Spirit Power. Then to Darren's horror, the grand-elder's eyes darted directly at the direction where he was hiding.

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