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   Chapter 478 Slipped Into The Underground Palace (Part One)

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The moment he heard the order from the young master, a sense of doubt grew inside Darren. He was curious as to what might be the reason why Carey did not take the key by himself in the first place? Instead, he asked Darren to steal it for him—something was murky.

"With all due respect, young master, you can just go and ask those three grand-elders for the key. Why do I have to go and steal it on your behalf?" as he was puzzled at the moment, Darren asked the young master. A scarcely credible expression was drawn on his face.

"You might have no idea that my father had imposed on those three old madmen an ironclad duty. That would mean that, without my father's words, I cannot get the key from their hands. Besides, those three old lunatics are very astute and prudent, if I went and asked them for the key, I'm sure that they would consult my father for an answer, and then they would know my father's death. My whole plan will be exposed. That would be awful, and I will not allow such things to happen," explained the young master.

"You and I could tell the elders' true colors from the incident that happened during my cultivation last time. There are so many unfaithful people in Red Inferno Sect not worthy of my trust. Those three old madmen are no exception, and they are not honest and loyal to me and my rule. You are the only one whom I put my trust in, and I can only ask no other disciples except for you. So, help me in taking the key. I can't do it myself, for I would be punished severely and be doomed if I went to steal the key. For sure, I would be beaten to death and put on to the pedestal of shame if I get caught by them. Please help me, my dear brother."

With a voice as mellow as a kitten, Carey hopefully explained with patience and pleaded Darren for help.

On the other hand, when he heard all of the reasons that Carey just had explained, Darren's doubt cleared off as he had a precise understanding as to why Carey asked him for help in stealing the key. As a consequence of the circumstances during his cultivation, Carey, the skeptical young master, had lost his trust to

rmore, I have been humble to him. As much as possible, I am friendly and amiable to him for this matter. Judging from his actions towards me, I am sure that he must feel very connected to me and would instead take his own life than tell the truth. But just in some unfortunate cases, I would kill him right away once he had been discovered or caught," the young master disclosed with an evil voice.

"I understand, young master. Did you give him the invisibility cloak and have it rigged? What if he would succeed in getting the key? How do you intend to reward him?" the man questioned. It could be sensed in his inquisitive voice that he was very curious.

As he thought about the man's question, Carey nodded and admitted that he had rigged the invisibility cloak to Darren. "If he would succeed in retrieving the key for me, I will surely reward him. I will make sure that the reward will be something extraordinary, and that will be his death! Ha-ha, ha-ha!" Carey chortled evilly.

Initially, he planned that the moment Darren handed him the key, he would cultivate the true rule and achieve that very powerful strength. By that time, Darren would no longer serve any value for Carey. Moreover, Darren had seen how frightened he was when facing danger. It was such a disgrace to the young master. Thus, to let no one know this humble side of him, the young master had made up his mind to kill Darren.

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