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   Chapter 477 Finally There Was A Clue (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-07 01:09

And I am with Timothy now. He is about to give up. It's like torture. We will come for you as soon as we get out of this mess. Take care and be careful!" This message was long and sincere.

"Wait, what torture? What happened to Timothy? What's going on?" asked Darren hurriedly. But there was no response forthcoming.

And there was still no response on the second day. Darren decided to put it aside for now. His current priority was rescuing his sister and he must focus.

Darren studied the formula for a total of 10 days, which was quite a long time, and finally, he grasped a superficial knowledge of it. It was no easy task, to be fair. And now he could communicate with several Hiding Rule lines and construct something on it. But he was still clumsy. It would take him a little longer to fully grasp it.

On the 11th day, someone knocked on his door. Darren had no clue who it could be.

It was the first visitor in days and the sound of knocking felt unreal. It echoed in the place and in Darren's ears.

"Who is it?" Darren didn't open the door, in case it was an unwanted guest out there. He was taking all the extra super cautious precautions.

"Sir, the young master is asking for you. He said it was urgent," the man outdoor responded without hesitation, with a clear and firm voice.

"Good. I heard that. I will go now, thank you. You can leave now," Darren responded plainly.

Darren even smartened up a bit before he left the room. Irrespective of everything else, he still wanted to make a good impression.

The hall was completely empty. There was no sign of Carey anywhere whatsoever. Darren stood in the middle of the hall, closed his eyes, and waited. And after a short while, a ghostly figure approached him. Darren felt the presence even with his eyes closed.

"Follow me," silently whispered th

n count on me. Anything for you." Darren lowered his head to avoid direct eye contact so Carey would not catch the insincerity in Darren's eyes.

"Anything for me? Oh Kaleb, thank you, that's great. I knew I could count on you. Listen, here is the plan: for your own safety and mine, we must suppress the three most powerful grand-elders in the sect. It is imperative! But we are no match for them now. So we have to kidnap, kill, and seize the souls of the several hundred men who have a Primitive Feminine Bloodline. Then we can force the Primitive Feminine Bloodline into our bodies and master the inferior true rule. Is it clear so far? Ok.

But if we want the Primitive Feminine Bloodline, we must have three keys to open the place where those people are locked. I have one key. The second key belongs to my uncle, which I have already gotten it. And the last one is in the pocket of the three grand-elders. So I am asking you to steal that key from them, from the three grand-elders. Will you do it, Kaleb?" The moment Carey found his uncle's dead body, he took the key and burned the corpse.

And at the moment, the only thing Darren cared about was his sister's whereabouts. Finally, it seemed there was a clue.

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