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   Chapter 476 Finally There Was A Clue (Part One)

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"Why do you want this formula now? Leave. Come back when your Spirit Power is good enough. You are not qualified. Your Spirit Power needs to be good enough. Come back later. Besides, this kind of rule formula that specializes in concealing is useless. Like this rule formula here, even if you do finish it and reach a high level, you can only conceal your body for an hour. An hour is far too short and it's all this formula can do for you. No attacking, just concealing. It's a passive skill, not an active one.

But if you master an attacking rule formula at the same level, it is far more useful to you. Isn't it better to attack than to hide your ass? Don't you think?" asked the ape. The ape was more than being honest. He was being brutally honest.

"But I like this rule formula. And I have made up my mind. That's final, no ifs or buts," said Darren. Darren completely ignored whatever the ape had told him. It was as if he had not heard him. He picked up the formula book and tossed it inside his Space Ring.

"Ah, young man, you should listen to me. I have your best interest at heart. And don't forget what I have told you," sighed the ape. The ape shook his head, pursed his lips, frowned and looked tense.

"Relax, a promise is a promise. As I told you before, I won't forget it," Darren reassured the ape. The ape looked at his eyes and Darren smiled as they shared a moment of camaraderie.

After receiving another attacking rule formula from the ape, Darren said his goodbyes and left.

As soon as he returned to reality, Darren reached out his rule formula for concealing skills.

"This rule formula is exactly what I need. Not only can I conceal for as long as a whole hour after I master the skill, but it is also devoid of any negative consequences. It's a god-made master piece, not a garbage skill of little value. The ape doesn't know how to

es," murmured Darren, listening to his gut instinct. This was not a surprise, since Darren knew how hard it was for Timothy to ask his clan's strong warriors to help him.

And Darren wouldn't blame Timothy if there was nothing he could do or nobody he could invite—it was out of his hands after all.

"Come on buddy, don't blame yourself. I got this. Have some faith in me. I've been through tougher situations," Darren responded, trying to be cool, while inside he was shaken.

Another message came through, and again Darren was startled.

This time, it was Abelard. Darren was surprised at the proximity of the two messages. Darren reached out and got hold of another bead and listened carefully to Abelard's message.

"Darren, are you safe? I heard that you have entered the Red Inferno Sect. Did you save whoever you went for?" asked Abelard with concern in his voice. "You really should have told me. If you had told me, I would have been there for you, you know. We could have gone together. But now I am seriously preoccupied. My master killed Cain, so the people up there summoned him and were going to 'just ask him some questions.' I guess he won't be able to leave there for the moment. So sorry, buddy. If only you had told me.

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