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   Chapter 475 Prototype Of The True Rule (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-07 00:12

Above all, Darren's Spirit Power had strengthened these past few days. Given that it was the best opportunity for a cultivator to improve his cultivation level.

'With my present level 25 Spirit Power, I can practice a lot of powerful rule formulas. It is time for me to go to the One Rule Tower again, ' mused Darren.

With the thought in mind, he prepared himself to enter the One Rule Tower. After setting a simply restricted zone around his house, Darren went into a deep meditation state to let his mind travel to the One Rule Tower.

Amidst his meditation, the scene before his eyes was changed gradually, and an ape's shadow appeared in front of him.

As the ape looked at Darren, his eyes widened in surprise. It was as if he had seen a dead man risen. Yet, it was Darren's cultivation level that shocked the ape.

"What? Is that you, Darren? You have reached level 25 Spirit Power. It is just incredible! How did you do that?" the ape exclaimed and shook his head in a look of disbelief and wonder at the same time.

'How did his Spirit Power get improved so fast in a short time? Even for my real body, it is impossible to improve so fast given such a short time. How has this young man done that?' the ape wondered in his mind.

"Nothing extraordinary. I just ran into some opportunities that I could take advantage of." Darren smiled. It was apparent that he was teasing the ape. Then with a sheepish smile on his face, he continued, "Sir, you see my Spirit Power has strengthened a lot. I would like to practice more powerful rule formulas. Could you help me to get into the tower so that I can choose them myself?"

"You? Choose them yourself?" After a short pause, the ape recovered from the astonishment. The question blurted out of him as a consequence of being too excited for Darren's

waved his arms. In a moment, a piece of paper full of written characters of the rule cultivators appeared in front of Darren.

"Oh, my! It is at the prototype level of the true rule," Darren exclaimed the moment he realized what the characters on the paper meant.

"The rule formula at the prototype level of the true rule is scarce. The requirements of cultivating this formula are also above standards. The minimum requirement for a cultivator is to achieve level 26 Spirit Power or above. You are not even close yet, boy."

The ape was right. Darren's current Spirit Power was at level 25, and it was still a long way from breaking through to level 26. Only one level gap away, but that one level required a lot of cultivation and practice.

Of course, Darren didn't doubt the words of the ape, and also knew that he couldn't practice this formula by now. However, when he looked at what was written on the paper, his eyes showed intense desire.

"This prototype of the true rule is really a priceless treasure for me. I want it, I choose it, and I will work for it," with determined eyes and committed spirit, Darren said with great certainty. His heart was filled with a thirst for knowledge.

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