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   Chapter 474 Prototype Of The True Rule (Part One)

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"What have you got up your sleeves? You damn old bastards! Do you think I'm an idiot?" Carey yelled at the two elders with his previously calm face now turned beastly and ferocious.

Obviously, Carey believed Darren's words over the elders'. 'Is that the consequence of being an active servant?' Darren thought. He had been helping and backing up Carey all this time, and he was driven by one purpose why he was such a loyal aid to him—that was to win Carey's undivided trust.

By this time, Darren was convinced that he had succeeded in doing that, for Carey had given him a hefty sum of life-protecting skills. It was the best proof that Carey had begun trusting Darren. 'While I was engaged in breaking through to a higher Spirit Power level, Kaleb didn't attack me. He didn't even do anything harmful to me. If he wanted to kill me in the first place, he would have seized the opportunity. Even though I have the life-protecting skills to save my life, my breakthrough would certainly be disrupted, ' Carey figured in his mind.

Given this consideration, he realized that he should put his trust on Kaleb rather than the elders of his sect.

From his nature, Carey was a man who was very suspicious but not that smart. Thus, he readily believed Darren's words without having second thoughts at all. In his eyes, Kaleb had proved himself to be loyal all this time.

Right now, he grew impatient, listening to the explanation of the two elders. He didn't want to hear any word from them because Darren had brainwashed his mind that the elders were just fabricating lies to inflict harm on him and wished him to be doomed and ill-fated.

"Go to hell, you old dogs!"

Cursing and shouting at the elders as if they were his mortal enemies, Carey started his attack towards the helpless elders.

In an instant, after conjuring his attack, numerous withered hands appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the two elders from all directions. The assault was the basic true rule that Carey had mastered from his

to a scowl by the thought.

The mysterious man scared him and made him more vigilant. Thus, as a precautionary measure, he released his Spirit Power to search the surrounding areas carefully to find any traces of the strong disappeared man.

"Then there it is the aura of that strong rule cultivator. I must be familiar with it," Darren said to himself.

After a lengthy search, Darren finally traced a faint aura of the powerful rule cultivator that remained in the air. He etched it in his mind to be more cautious in case their paths crossed in the future.

After doing that, Darren returned to Kaleb's residence and began to plot ways about how to get news about his sister.

The Red Inferno Sect remained peaceful for several days after the chaotic events as if nothing happened at all. People went on living their normal lives, and not a single hint of tension was in the air—everything was calm and quiet.

To be prudent and act normally, Darren also stayed at Kaleb's room quietly. He didn't want to raise any suspicions if he would go around roaming in the place.

The dominant figures of the Red Inferno Sect were absolutely not only those who had been killed at the incident that happened several days ago. Of course, there must be many great masters still in the sect. So Darren had better not set himself on fire.

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